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Check Out Things at Baladna Park

Check Out Things at Baladna Park

If you don’t know, Baladna park which is located in Al Khor has a lot to offer kids and adults as well. You will witness many themed family parks inside the farm, next to its factories. Are you happy? No, don’t worry end of this article you will be dying to visit Baladna Park.

Are you longing for a peaceful getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Look no further than Baladna Park, a lush oasis located on the outskirts of Doha, where you can enter a serene natural wonderland. Baladna Park aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, whether they are children, friends, or families, making it Qatar’s premier community venue.

Although Baladna Park is approximately an hour’s drive from Doha’s city center, the journey to Al Khor is well worth it due to the abundance of attractions and activities available. Originally established in 2014 with a focus on sheep and goats, the park has undergone significant transformations. Following the lifting of the economic and political embargo in 2017, Baladna Park replaced its imported Saudi Arabian milk with milk sourced from the Czech Republic. It has successfully met domestic demand and has even started exporting its products to countries like Afghanistan and others. Baladna has now become one of the largest sheep and livestock farms in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The park’s on-site restaurant and amusement park are popular attractions that draw crowds of tourists from Doha and beyond.

Animals & Milk the “Cows”

As we already know that in the past Baladna Park was just a farm filled with sheep and goats. But even at present, there are many types of different attractions inside the park, and you must be surprised that nothing happens to the farm. The farm is still inside the park with the park’s Animal Zone. You can wander around & catch the beautiful animals in this area. Feeding is also allowed.

Your kids can also enjoy the “milk the cows” activity at QR 10. 

Play around in the park!

The two big kids playing areas are at the entrance of the park itself. The areas are particularly designed for kids to enjoy. There are many see-saws, swings, slides, and many more things to play with. These areas are the most engaging areas for the kids. Children can also enjoy the ride at the carousel and mini-land rover course and jumping on the bungee trampoline!

Enjoy the extreme sports!

If you are thinking that the park has only for kids then you are wrong, my friends. Adults can have as much fun as kids do in the park. And these Extreme Sports like Karting, Ninja Warriors, and Archery are a few activities that adults can do.

This area provides 3 types of courses in the park- rock wall climbing for both kids & adults at QR 20, rope course at QR 25, and zipline at QR 40. If you and your kids are 145 cm or longer than 145 cm you can enjoy all three courses at QR 75. 

You must be surprised to know that Baladna Park also offers archery activities. The archery zone gives you 12 arrows at QR 30 to enjoy the activity. You shouldn’t be worried about safety and all as the operators of the area are highly skilled and experienced in their work, and they will teach you the basics before the activities.

Experience how the Ninja Warriors take on their obstacle courses and hang out by their zone at Baladna Park! For just QR 50 and no time limit, you can train and run through a safer version of the Ninja Warriors for an ultimate intense run. Karting Zone will be your toughest challenge. You can avail of the tract at QR 60 for adults who are 141 cm or longer than 141 cm and QR 40 for kids 122 cm or longer than 122 cm. 

Other activities

Baladna Park has a lot more activities other than the mentioning ones. One more interesting activity offered by the park is Mining Experience & Green House Zones available for kids.

The Mining activity will cost you QR 20. In this activity, you can dig up fossils, gems, or shells as it passes via flowing water. 

And the GreenHouse Zone is packed with beautiful flowers and plants inside the park itself. You can take plants from there for your home and gardeners are also helpful as they assist you with potting a starter plant.

There are many other activities offered by the park-like Rodeo Bull, Bicycle Tours, Pottery, Bumper Cars, Bumper Boats, Speed Boats, and Cornhole.

Baladna Park Qatar Entry Fee

To choose your tickets for Baladna Park, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the visit date: Please enter the desired date in the format
  2. Choose the number of tickets for each category:
    • Adults (13 years and above): Each ticket costs 35 QAR. Please enter the quantity needed.
    • Children (from 3 to 12 years): Each ticket costs 55 QAR. Please enter the quantity needed.

Please note that the availability and prices of tickets may vary

Enjoy the food!

One of the best things about Baladna Park is that you can come and treat your tummy with delicious food after all the tiring activities. 


  • Time
  • Weekdays- 10 AM- 7 PM
  • Weekends- Friday 12:30 PM- 8PM & Saturday 10 AM- 8PM
  • Entry Fee
    • Adults- QR 35
    • Children- QR 55
  • Location –

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