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Do you know about Qatari Law system?

Qatar Law system

The other name for the Islamic System of Law is “Sharia Law.” The Holy Quran is the main source of its principles. Sharia Law is the chief source of Qatar’s legislation. 

The Sharia law enforced in Qatar applies to numerous aspects such as family, inheritance, and several criminal acts. In this article, we are going to learn about Sharia law enforced in Qatar.

How is Sharia Law enforced in Qatar?

Basics of Sharia Law

Akin to any other legal system, Sharia law also believes that “one is innocent until proven guilty.” Though, in contrast to other legal systems, Sharia law has specified punishments for crimes like murder, abandonment or refusal of Islam, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc.

Expatriates not excused

You must know that any foreigner is not excused or given any kind of benefit of the doubt if he/she breaks any laws of the land. You must obey the rules and regulations to evade being arrested, questioned, and asked to make a statement in Qatar. Do you know that all the testimonies in court are translated into Arabic?


Flogging is an acknowledged form of penalty recommended by Sharia law in Qatar. These kinds of penalties are used for crimes like illicit sexual relations or alcohol consumption. For example, the Sharia Law remarks you will get 100 lashes for being caught adulterous.

The penalties are more intense if the adultery is between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman. The crime is sanctioned by death.

Revealed by God

Do you know that sharia law was not written by legal scholars? Sharia law was disclosed by the creator of Islam, Prophet Muhammad in 570 BCE. Hence, Sharia is known as a religious legal system and contradicts the legal system created by western society sometimes.

Qatar Presents Western Laws

In 1916, Qatar presented western laws. It was the time when Qatar was affected by British politics. In 1940, Qatar got another important milestone in the discovery of oil in the history of Qatar. The Sharia law and the western law don’t overlap each other. Instead, they work hand in hand.

Sharia Court

Qatar has several Sharia courts including the Petty Sharia Court as the first and second court; the Grand Sharia court, which takes pleas from the Petty Courts; and the Presidium of the Sharia courts.

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