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Do you know what Is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Grayish white or yellow

BV (Bacterial vaginosis) is a common but Women Body usually be able to maintain the ideal balance. when the balance is disrupted, at that time specific types of bacteria can grow abnormally and cause these symptoms. It is very frustrating state of condition in which bacteria in the vagina overgrow and get out of balance.

In Most of the cases BV (Bacterial vaginosis) can be treated and does not have any impact on the health. however in other cases there are chances of getting delivery complication in the women those who are pregnant or it enhance the risk of getting the sexually transmitted disease.

List of Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

In this article, please find the symptoms of BV and how to diagnose, treat and prevent the same.

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

In the United states, 21 million women believed that they have bacterial vaginonsis but there are only 3 Million women actually have sysmptoms.

Let us try to understand and get aware of the BV symptoms below

  • Vaginal discharge may be in grayish white or yellow
  • After the intercourse, vagina get worse smell like fish
  • During the urination women may feel burning sensation
  • sometimes Vagina may swelling, redness and Itchiness
  • After intercourse, bleeding from vagina

Though bacterial vaginonsis symptoms are not seriouse, however, it weaken the tissues of vagine and enhance the probablity of STDs risk such as Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhea and HIV.

During the pregnancy if the BV symptoms are find there is chances of getting premature delivery or Baby Weight be would lesser than the standard weight. In the exceptional cases there could be miscarriage.

Source : Very Well Health

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