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How to Check Emirates ID status – 3 Easy Steps to Check

How to Check Emirates ID status (1)

What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a document that is required to hold by a UAE resident. The visa is issued once the residency visa is stamped into the passport and valid for the time as your visa.

Reasons for which Emirates ID is used:

  • Applying for government services such as DEWA
  • Sponsoring dependent visa under your visa
  • Renting an apartment
  • Passing via immigration e-gates at UAE airports

How you can Check the Validity of Current Emirates Visa/ID

To know about the validity, one can visit the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) official website

Also, you can verify when you are not aware of the exact date of expiry or if you get stuck abroad, and are not assure of whether your resident status in UAE is valid or not. 

How to Check Emirates ID Application status:

After you have applied for an ID, you can check your status online. To verify the status, you must have an Emirates ID number or Registration application number. This you can find on the application form itself. 

Steps to check the Emirates ID Status

  • One will need to visit official website FAIC i.e., You will find a segment titled Check ID status menu option at the right side of the first page.
  • Enter your Emirates ID number or application number
  • You will see a pop-up box appearing on application status. You can track of ID process by accessing FAIC site
  • In case, you are facing any difficulties to find the detailed status from official site, contact authority at: 600 522222. They will update about your application’s accurate status.
emirates ID

How to Get Emirates ID?

Emirates ID process is applied during the process of UAE visa application. If you apply for a visa with the business consultancy, the UAE residence visa cost will include the Emirates ID fee as well.   The visa cost is different depending on the authority from where it is issued. The cost ranges from 2,500 AED to 7,000 AED. 

The process of UAE residency is as follows:

Application for an entry permit

Entry permits can be provided either for employees who are hired by a UAE company or company owners who have set up their business in UAE.

An entry permit is an authority for the resident visa. It is a digital document issued for visa applicants. This permit has a validity of 60 days. During this time, you are required to perform a medical check and apply for Emirates ID, after which stamping of the resident visa will be done onto your passport.

Medical Check-up

Medical check-up is a required process after the entry permit is issued. You should get it done at any Preventive Medicine Centre. The tests are conducted for AIDS, Hep B and Tuberculosis. If the aftereffects of the test are good, you can proceed with the visa. If you are suspected to have one of those illnesses, additional tests will be conducted. In case, those extra tests found to be something fishy related to your health issue, UAE resident visa won’t be issue to you.

Application for Emirates ID

Application process can be performed in ant office of FAIC. Visit:

Numerous offices are situated close to Preventive Medicine Centres to make the cycle quicker. During the application, your eye scanning and fingerprints will be taken. This biometric information will be kept with the Authority, and you would not need to go for scanning while Emirates ID renewal.

UAE visa stamping

The final step is stamping onto your passport. Generally, visas are valid for 3 years of time period, but some in mainland or in free zones you get an only 2-year visa, if you are an employee. The Emirates ID validity of UAE residents is connected to your visa validity.

Emirates ID Costs

Emirates ID ValidityCost
1 year validity170 AED
2 years validity270 AED
3 years validity370 AED

When you proceed with application processing, make sure the ID validity is the same as your visa validity. It generally takes 7-10 days to obtain an ID card after the visa stamping onto your passport.

You will be receiving SMS messages during your ID process. When ID is up to collect, you can collect from the Emirates branch post.

Emirates ID Renewal

When your ID has expired, the government offers a 30-day grace period for anybody to renew their ID. If you are unable to do so, assuming you neglect to do as such, late renewal fines of AED 20/day will apply.

The authority will likewise send you an SMS reminding you of your ID renewal.

To do the renewal, you have to fill the application form and pay the charges.

You won’t have to update your biometric information since it was gathered during your first ID card process.

The ID renewal application will be required for visa renewal. You need to submit it to the free zone where your visa was given or to the Immigration authority (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) if your visa is under a mainland. When the visa is renewed, the ID will be given and shipped off to the Emirates Post branch.

Cancelling Emirates ID

Following are the reasons to cancel your ID:

  • If you are shifting your job or planning to set up business in Dubai, and need a new UAE resident visa. 
  • You are leaving UAE for something good.

ID cancellation will be a part of resident visa cancellation. You have to deliver your card to your employer, or immigration authority at the time when you submit your passport for cancelling visa.

What does the Long Emirates ID number Mean?

Each emirates ID card comprise of 15-digit number divided into four parts. Here is what this mean:

  • 1-st part is the identical on all the cards and it represents UAE international code i.e. 784
  • 2-nd part usually matches your birth year
  • 3-rd comprise of 7 digits and are putted together randomly by the system
  • 4-th part comprise of 1 digit and it stands for a verification number. This could be a digit from 0 to 9

The number of the ID is intended for every individual and stays with that individual forever. It can’t be changed or altered. Regardless of whether you quit being a UAE occupant and leave the country, in case, you return after some years to get your residency, the number allocated to your card will be the same again.

What happens If You Lose my Emirates ID?

If in case you lost Emirates ID card, your actions should be the following:

  • You have to go police station and file a report for a lost ID card. This service will cost you 70 AED.
  • Approach to Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship about your lost ID within the 7 days of losing
  • Visit the office of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and make an order for a new card. You will have to pay 300 AED along with an application fee cost of around 70 AED (if you apply individually), or 40 AED if you apply through an online medium.
  • This way you can get your new card through the Emirates post office

To Wrap Up

Emirates ID processing is an easy process to undergo, as it is conducted along with your visa process.

If you hold employment visa, generally the application will be processed by your employer. 

If you have your own business or freelance visa, you can process application by yourself, or hire a consultant to assist you with all the required documents and formalities. You can keep a track of ID process by visiting official FAIC website.

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