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Lusail Marina Food Arena

Lusail Marina Food Arena

If you’re looking for a place which offers you great food, fun, entertainment and many more then Lusail City would be perfect choice for you. Visit this amazing spot and explore all the options for you there.

About Lusail Marina Food Arena

The Lusail Marina Food Arena includes variety of food sections such as juice stalls, coffee shops and other fast food shops. It is drive-in or drive-through concept. People can also enjoy outdoor seating at some cafes and restaurants but in a limited number.

Who can go there?

This place welcomes everyone whether with a car or not. Lusail Marina is a perfect spot to explore amazing food options. Come here with your car and drive around, find your food stall and order the food and enjoy. If you do not have a car, walk up to the food stall and make your order.

Shops you can find here

Coffee Shops/Cafes and Desserts

Some of the popular things here that you must try are the Charcoal Mango ice cream from C H A R G E Я, Kinder Souffle pancake from SO SOUFFLÉ, Cheese Tart from KYOTO, Custard Shells from Float, and Rose Latte from Exit Coffee.

  • Mood Coffee Bar
  • Poori and Karak
  • Code
  • La Churroria
  • Beyond
  • São Paulo Café
  • Honeybee
  • 1M Coffee
  • Crìmy Cookies
  • PI Coffee
  • C H A R G E Я
  • Float
  • The Box
  • Churros Café
  • Glitter Café
  • P l C C O L O
  • KL Café
  • BOLD
  • Wing- Enjoy Life Sip By Sip
  • Exit Coffee
  • The Silver Qatar
  • Owl Specialty Coffee
  • One Coffee
  • Enjoy Café
  • Soft Loop
  • Le Meilleur
  • Mango Talaat
  • Flamingo Specialty Café
  • Sugar Rush
  • C H O
  • Ink Café
  • The 86

Burgers, Sandwiches & Pizzas

Double Egg Burger from Eggspot, Flaming Crispy Chicken burger from Last Order, Double Hook from SALT QATAR, and the ON AIR Chicken Slow sandwich are some of the popular recommendations here.

  • 375 Chicken N Fries
  • Art Burger
  • QQQ Burger
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Roads
  • Miami City Qatar
  • Last Order
  • Cheat Burger
  • Steakoburger
  • BARCODE |||
  • B Fit Restaurant
  • Order Here
  • Eggspot
  • Pizzeria Napoli
  • Firefly Burger
  • The Döner
  • ON AIR
  • Magic Shack


Other than these, there are shops that offer different cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican cuisine, seafood and more.

  • The Tiny Leaves
  • Smoothie Factory
  • Abocado
  • 3nb Leaves
  • Noodleswok
  • Traditional
  • Mataf And Tea
  • Xfire Truck
  • La Parrilla
  • Miky’s Deli
  • Rotana Restaurant
  • 3H Restaurant
  • Diner Cone Qatar

Lusail Marina Food Arena details

Other things to do here

You can wander around the Lusail Marina Promenade, go for cycling or walk there and explore the city. So hurry and make your plan to visit here!

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