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Visa procedure for visitors to visit Qatar

Qatar VISA

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDES TO QATAR – Travel and Accommodation

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International airport is the art of state, and it was inaugurated in April 2014. Hamad International airport was just located on the south side of doha. HIA is a five-star airport introduced by Skytrax and positioned Fourth Best Airport in the World. Which was announced by the Skytrax World Airport awards, in the year 2019. It can deal with 8,700 travelers for each hour and has a yearly limit of up to 50 million.

Migration procedures, recovery of things and other traveler needs and services. Which are intended to be ultra-proficient. Moreover, it plays a major role being a home base for “Qatar airways”. HIA (Hamad International airport) additionally provides 50 other universal aircrafts to other nations. The taxi takes the time duration of 30 minutes to enter into the city center.

Qatar Airways

The national transporter Qatar Airways has won various honors, because of its quality and favours. In the year of 2019, during the “Skytrax World Airport awards”. It was named as “Best Airline of the Year”, for a record fifth time. And was named top aircraft for three different classifications: World’s Best Airline in the Middle East, World’s Best Business Class, and World’s Best Business Class Seat.

Qatar Airways is continuously expanding their system. Presently it covers about 160 other terminals around the world, including most significant urban communities throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North and South America.

To fulfill all the future needs and developments in order to increase the demand growth, Qatar Airways has 340 airplanes on booking.

Visa Requirements


Because of a large group of visa help measures. Qatar is presently known as the most open country in the Middle East. Travellers from all over the world, now be able to visit Qatar either with visa or without visa, or by applying basic online applications. Depending upon the identification they convey.

This site page is intended to stay up, with the latest feeds based on the visa arrangements, which are often applicable to you. And the basic procedures you have to follow while applying for a visa, if needed.

Visa-Free Entry

Nationals in the excess amount of 80 nations are qualified. To visit the states of Qatar without a visa. While allowing suitable time periods of visitors to stay. Countries of the qualified nations don’t require any earlier visa plans. Instead they can get a visa waiver upon the arrival to Qatar. Rather than that a visitor should carry a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months, along with a arrival and departure ticket.

Here are some of the countries of the nations listed below, while the disclaimer will be only applicable for 180 days from the date of issuance and allows the holder to go through, as long as 90 days in Qatar. It may be either a solitary excursion or on numerous outings.

1. Antigua and Barbuda
2. Argentina
3. Austria
4. Bahamas
5. Belgium
6. Bulgaria
7. Croatia
8. Cyprus
9. Czech Republic
10. Denmark
11. Dominican Republic  
12. Estonia  
13. Finland  
14. France  
15. Germany  
16. Greece  
17. Hungary  
18. Iceland
19. Italy  
20. Latvia  
21. Liechtenstein  
22. Lithuania
23. Luxembourg
24. Malaysia
25. Malta
26. Netherlands
27. Norway
28. Poland
29. Portugal
30. Romania
31. Serbia
32. Seychelles
33. Slovakia
34. Slovenia
35. Spain
36. Sweden
37. Switzerland
38. Turkey
39. Ukraine


Like the nations listed above, nationals of Armenia can enter Qatar without visa and can stay as long as 90 days in Qatar, during a solitary trip or multiple trips, but it cannot be extendable, if the following terms and conditions may agree:

Terms and conditions for Armenia nationals

• Passport must be granted at least half of the year

• Return flight must be affirmed

For nationals of the nations/regions which are listed below, the permit will be acceptable only upto 30 days from the date of issue and allows the holder to go through as long as 30 days in Qatar, during either a solitary outing or on multiple outings. This permit might also be stretched out for a further 30 days.

1. Andorra  
2. Australia  
3. Azerbaijan  
4. Belarus  
5. Bolivia  
6. Brazil  
7. Brunei  
8. Canada  
9. Chile  
10. China
11. Colombia  
12. Costa Rica  
13. Cuba  
14. Ecuador  
15. Georgia
16. Guyana  
17. Hong Kong, China  
18. India  
19. Indonesia  
20. Ireland  
21. Japan  
22. Kazakhstan  
23. Lebanon  
24. Macedonia
25. Maldives
26. Mexico  
27. Moldova
28. Monaco
29. New Zealand  
30. Pakistan  
31. Panama  
32. Paraguay
33. Peru
34. Russia
35. Rwanda
36. San Marino
37. Singapore
38. South Africa
39. South Korea
40. Suriname
41. Thailand
42. United Kingdom
43. United States
44. Uruguay
45. Vatican City
46. Venezuela


Like the 46 nations listed above, where Pakistan is also one of the nationals which is allowed to enter Qatar, without visa and can stay as long as 30 days in Qatar. Whether it may be a solitary trip or multiple trips, with a choice to increase upto 30 days of additional purposes.

Below listed are some of the terms and condition for pakistani nationals:

  • • Passport must be valid upto half of the year
  • • Return ticket must be affirmed
  • • Hotel booking proof for specific period of time to stay must be introduced
  • • The traveler must and should carry the Mastercard
  • • The time period of the visa can be increased only after confirming the return ticket

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Like the 48 nations which are listed above, nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina can also enter Qatar without visa and can stay as long as 30 days in Qatar, whether it may be for solitary trips or multiple trips, with an alternative to increase additionally the duration of 30 days, if the following terms and conditions are being handled:

Terms and conditions to be followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina nationals

  • Citizen must convey a permanent identification card (passport) which should be valid at least half of the year
  • Return ticket must be declared

Qatar-Oman Joint Tourist (Visa on Arrival)

This visa is provided while the time of arrival and is accepted for 30 days to enter the State of Qatar and in the same way to the Sultanate of Oman. It takes into consideration with different sections to both the nations and is extendable for an extra 30 days for a charge. Residents of the following nations are qualified for the joint visa:

10. France        
11. Germany        
12. Greece        
13. HongKong
14. Hungary         
15. Iceland
16. Ireland
17. Italy
18. Japan
19. Leichte
20. stein
21. Luxembu
22. Malaysia
23. Monaco         
26. New Zealand
27. Norway
30.San Marino
32.South Korea
36.United Kingdom
37.United States
38.Vatican City

Electronic Travel Authorisation

Persons who are not allowed the entry even without visa, even though they are along with the valid residence permit or visa to travel either Schengen countries like: Australia, Canada, UK, USA or New Zealand, can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) free of charge by completing an online application form to travel.

The form is very easy to fill in. You will be asked to provide some of the essentials:

  • confirmation of convenience in Qatar (for example in booking, or your agents location)
  • Details of your arrival (or ahead) travel
  • A xerox copy of your identification (with a base legitimacy of a half year)
  • A copy of your hotel granting or visa to any of the qualified nations expressed above (with a base legitimacy of 30 days).

When your solicitation has been approved you will get an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), permitting you to get a visa-on-appearance to Qatar. Which, thus permits you to remain in the nation for as long as 30 days during a single visit. The visa might be increased out for an extra 30 days, to be utilized during a similar visit. If in chance that you leave the nation and wish to return, you should re-apply for the new ETA before making a trip back to Qatar.

Apply for an ETA here:

Online Tourist Visa

The persons who are not eligible for free-visa or ETA. Those can apply for a Tourist visa via online process. Passengers who want to travel Qatar through airlines may apply for a Tourist Visa through the Qatar Visa Service. The cost of the Qatar Tourist Visa is QAR 100. To present a request for a Qatar Tourist Visa, guests are required to:

  • complete an online structure
  • transfer required reports (counting identification checks and individual photos)
  • give an aircraft booking reservation
  • make an online installment utilizing a accepted Visa or Mastercard

When the application is finished, guests will be reached by means of email with a reaction to their visa application.

Click here to enter the official website of Qatar Visa Service.

Note:visitors travelling to the states of Qatar via Qatar Airways, may choose ‘Apply for a visa’ subsequently signing into ‘My Trips’ on the aircraft’s site. This will naturally guide them to the Qatar Visa Service site, where they can begin the Qatar Tourist Visa application process for themselves and automatically go with other explorers under a similar booking.

Qatar Transit Visa

Qatar Airways travelers traveling in Qatar for at least 5 hours are qualified to apply for the Qatar Transit Visa. Which is free of charge, substantial for as long as 96 hours (four days) and open to travelers of all nationalities**.

GCC Resident Visit Visa

Occupants of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations who hold positions in affirmed callings and those following them may acquire a GCC Resident Visit Visa on appearance in Qatar.

This single-section visa, which can be acquired for a charge of QAR 100, which can be convenient to pay by Visa or Mastercard, is substantial for 30 days and might be reestablished for an extra three months. Visitors wishing to benefit from this visa plan might be approached to introduce official documentation expressing their calling upon the section to Qatar.

Visa Exemptions

Nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) don’t require a visa to enter Qatar.

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