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Are you a football match lover and are you attending world coup matches? Do you know there are rules laid down by FIFA as “Stadium Code of Conduct” i.e There are few items and activities are not allowed inside the stadium during the matches.

Each audience who opted ticket to view the match should follow the guidelines given by FIFA as Stadium Code of Conduct. FIFA also mentioned the list items which are not allowed in the stadium. Here is the list

Unsafe Items

  1. Weapons – Guns, Blades, and swords etc.
  2. Explosives – any sort
  3. Exercise tools and Hard hats
  4. Umbrellas and Beach Umbrellas
  5. Items used in Martials and Extreme sport
  6. Bike Helmets or Face covering shields except religious Headwear
  7. Spray Cons
  8. Balls or balloons and frisbess
  9. Electric scooter, Skateboards, Rollerblades and Bicycles. however Baby sctrollers are allowed in the stadium
  10. Backpacks, stair case, chairs, Benches and Cardboards and any other sports bags
  11. Significant qty of paper or any rolling papers
  12. No Material in the form of Powders
  13. Pets or any other animals are not allowed except Assistance dogs if theyhold disabled ticket holder with athentic proof
  14. Theromes and Plasks
  15. Cups, Jars and any other stuff which are fragile
  16. Besides Cigarettes and Electronic smoking devices , Lighters, smok bombs and Liquid gases

Food/Liquids/Consumable Items

  1. Liquids, Santizers more than 100 ml, Alcholic food, If not purchased and consumed in the designated area.
  2. If not purchased in the stadium and liquids weight is larger than 100 ml. there are few exceptions. Here is the list
    a. Baby Milk and Sertlized water in containers not more than 1 liter per child
    b. For any Medical reason they can carry liquids up to 500 ml
    c. For Babies and any Medical reason the food items which should not exceed 1 liter per child..
    d. Any Drugs, stimulants and Narcotices. There are few medications are allowed which are permitted by Qatari law but not exceeding a single package of not more than 7 different medicines and it should be in the factory packaging

Note: For a medical reason if Liquids and food related items can be carried but only the condition is that it should be supported with Medical certification in English or Arabic. Any allowed food item or liquid should be in the factory package or packed container but not made of glass.

Offensive Flags, Political & Commercial Items

  1. Disciminatory and offernsive things such as flags, Clothes, Banners and Fliers that are of political
  2. Any posters, Banners and flags larger than two meters and these should be made with non-flamable materials. There are few exception i.e. get an approval in advance by the organizer in writting.
  3. Poles of Flag and Banners Other than flexible poles using non flamable plastic should not be more than 1 Meter Long and 1 Center meter in Diameter.
  4. Commierical Objects or Promotional materials, Clothing or any other materials including but not as such floag, sysmbols and flyers .

Musical, Electronic, and Telecommunication Devices / Instruments

  1. Any electronic High frequency devices or Radio which may cause inteference with broadcasting and other IT functionalities are not allowed.
  2. Largers than 60 x 40 Centimeters long and width Musical Instruments are prohibited
  3. Heaters for drumes, Whistles and Loadspeakers and others
  4. Laster instruments like Laser beam and pointers
  5. Any recording devices including video cameras more than one set of additional batters or rechargeable for any device is permitted
  6. Television and Telecommunication equipments only with i power per person is allowed.
  7. Monopods, tripods and Selfie sticks are not allowed in the stadium.
  8. Drones and any remote controlled flying objects are prohibited
  9. Other than Photographich camera lenses for non- Professional use, Bhinoculars and any other magnifying devices are not allowed.

Other Prohibited Devices

  1. Any Device or object which may act as hinderance to the public safety and security and create any hard to tournaments repuation are objected in the stadium.
  2. Betting and Gambling is not allowed in the stadium
  3. Not allowed to resell match tickets or any other documents to get the match tickets.
  4. Viewers who required mobility assistance should bring their own instruments like wheel chairs or mobility scooters to access stadium but it should not be more than 130 centermeters and 90 centermeter radius width of 150 Centimetres.speed of the instrucment shoud not exceed 6 Kilometres per hour

Source: FIFA

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