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Which places you can travel if vaccinated against COVID-19?

Which places you can travel if you're vaccinated against COVID-19

As you all know there are lot of restrictions on travelling to other countries due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. But if you’ve got both doses of COVID-19 vaccine and you’re a Qatari citizen or a Qatar ID holder, then you can travel to at least 10 different countries. These countries have either removed their border restrictions or eased them fully vaccinated people. It is recently announced by Qatar that people who are fully vaccinated will now be exempted from quarantine requirements following travel abroad.

Check out the countries you can travel freely if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19.

Disclaimer: The rules in the below-mentioned countries and in Qatar may change depending on the COVID-19 situation. Before you make your bookings, please check with the relevant authorities, airlines, embassies or travel agents to ensure your holiday isn’t affected.


You can now visit France without any quarantine you are fully Covid-19 vaccinated and have a valid visa. A COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours or a negative antigenic test of less than 48 hours is a must to enter France.


Now Spain is also allowing entry to fully vaccinated people against COVID-19. In addition, people who have recovered from Covid-19 from 7 June 2021 are also eligible to enter Spain without having to quarantine. You need to make sure that you must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and a negative PCR test report and a certificate that can confirm you’ve recovered from COVID-19.


If you have a certificate that confirms vaccination against COVID-19 or a certificate proving recovery from COVID-19 and a negative PCR test 72 hours before travel, you can spend your holidays in Greece. You will be exempted from quarantine on arrival.

All Qatari citizens must fill the PLF form on the website and will be subject to rapid inspection at Greece’s airports.


Seychelles has now also removed quarantine requirements for people who want to travel to this beautiful island. You need to present a PCR negative test result obtained within 72 hours of travel is still a requirement, along with a fully vaccinated certificate issued by Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).


If you want to visit Georgia in your next holidays, all you need to show a certificate by MoPH that confirms you are fully vaccinated against COVID19.


Fully COVID-19 vaccinated people or those that have recovered in the last six months are allowed to travel to Estonia.
Head of the Health Board’s Infectious Diseases Surveillance and Epidemic Control Department, Estonia, Hanna Sepp told Err News:

“[A certificate] must reflect the individual’s personal data in Estonian, Russian or English, as well as the disease against which the person has been vaccinated, when the vaccine was formulated, which vaccine was used, as well as data on the issuer of the vaccine, and the vaccine batch number.”


Cyprus was the first country to allow travellers who were fully COVID-19 vaccinated to enter the country. They do not need to quarantine if they have valid proof that can confirm they are fully COVID-19 vaccinated. A negative PCR test result is not required.


Romania announced that starting 18 January 2021, travellers wishing to vacation in Romania will not need to quarantine if they have been fully COVID-19 vaccinated and can provide proof in terms of a MoPH certificate that verifies they are fully COVID-19 vaccinated. It’s important to note that travel will only be allowed into Romania if the second COVID-19 vaccine dose has been administered at least 10 days before the travelling date. (CNN)


If you wish to travel to the Poland and do not want to quarantine, you need to show a fully vaccinated COVID-19 certificate. A negative PCR test result that is 48 hours before departure is also mandatory.


If you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it is possible to travel to Iceland. You will not need to undergo COVID-19 screening  but must show a negative PCR test before departure and a certificate that proves you have got the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines allowed are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

The certificate must be in English, Icelandic, French, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. However, if it is in another language, it must be accompanied by a certified stamped translation in one of the mentioned languages.

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