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How to save money in Qatar?

How to save money in Qatar

It is important to save money when you live in a high cost country like Qatar. You cannot live on paycheck to paycheck and have to create a budget to keep track of your spending. Though it is not easy but you need to achieve your saving goals. Here, we are presenting you five simple ways to help you save money in Qatar.

1. Shop when there’s SALE

Make your budget and save money to take advantage of the promotion deals offered by the malls, supermarkets and other stores. You can always find some SALE running in the stores especially during the time of Ramadan and Eid. Always wait for a Sale before buying appliance, gadget, clothes, bag, etc. so that you can save.

2. Buy used or second-hand

If you want to save money and also want to save environment by recycling, you can use second hand items. You can purchase second hand furniture, appliances or other things. You can find second hand items on various Facebook groups and other websites like Lzhiba or Souqti (for luxury items).

3. Take advantage of real estate offers

Property or real estate brokers have always great deals to offers when you look for a place to rent. They will provide you a whole package which has utilities like free internet and Kahramaa included in your monthly rent.  They have various offers like 45 days free or 2 months free plus other add-ons. You must negotiate with them for more offers.

4. Use other forms of transportation

Public transport is much cheaper comparing to private transportation. You can use Doha Metro or Mowasalat Buses instead of taking a taxi to save more money. If the distance is not much, you can also opt to walk or choose to use bicycles as they are eco-friendly too.

5. Online promotions, deals, and discounts

you can also find various apps that can provide you great offers on meals, service or activity. Such of them apps are Buy One Get One apps, QGrabs, Doha Treat and others. You can get vouchers, cashback and other deals.

Your bank’s mobile app has also great offers for you, such as talabat deals, travel offers, dining offers, shopping offers, entertainment offers, staycation offers, and more.

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