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640 new cases in the past 24 hours as Qatar fights Covid19

Corona Virus updates

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced that the country saw as many as 640 new cases being registered in the last 24 hours taking the total cases to 16,191 in the country. Also, 146  people recovered on 4th May and the number of recoveries rose to 1810 cases in the country while 12 people have succumbed to death.

As per the Ministry, the new cases being registered come from the expatriate workers who came in contact with the infected person living in their locality, and the investigations further identified people and quarantined the whole area. The Ministry added that the remainder of the cases have been identified from the citizens and residents who contracted the virus from the members of their families who might have contracted the virus at their workplace or places where they might have been exposed to infected individuals

All the newly infected persons have been hospitalized and are receiving treatment while those who live in the same vicinity have been quarantined and will be overseen over the week. As per the MoPH, it believes that the numbers might rise which might be due to many reasons such as the contractions often take place in larger numbers before the numbers start to decline in any country. This is called the Peak of the virus and the country has not achieved its peak yet.

Health officials have increased the efforts to track the chain of the virus and trying to break it by identifying the persons who might have contracted the disease. Extensive investigations are being done through tests to find out if the contacts of the Covid19 positive people also have contracted the disease.

The ministry urges the public to stay indoors and not venture out unnecessarily which might complicate the efforts done by it over the month in bringing down the infection. The Ministry advises everyone to use a face mask while visiting any place and also to avoid a social visit to reduce the infections. People can visit the website of the ministry regularly to receive information about the virus and its protective measures.

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