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Ladies To Visit Mosques Around Doha : Complete Guide


Praying in a mosque is such a peaceful experience for the worshippers.Whilepraying at mosques is common for males due to the religious teachings, ladies also want to experience the aura and serenity of praying in a mosque.

We are providing you a complete guide to mosques around the city so you can find the nearest one to you.

These below given mosques are easy to access and centrally located. These mosques have spacious interiors for ladies and some of these also offer Quran classes and Islamic lectures for Ladies.

Things to keep in mind for non-worshippers

  • Dress decently and cover your hair with a shawl.
  • Remove footwear and place them at designated areas.
  • Should be clean and hygiene, and free from the menstruation cycle.

Abdul Rahman Al Thani Mosque (also known as – Furousiya Mosque / Muraykh’s Mosque)

Abdul Rahman Al Thani Mosque

With a vast prayer room for ladies, this district mosque is easy to access as it is located in the central area. People from Al Rayyan, Al Waab, Al Muraikh & Al Mehairja can easily visit here.

Location: Furousiya Street, Al Rayyan

Abu Hamour Mosque

Abu Hamour Mosque

Located in the heart of the Abu Hamour/Mamoura area, Abu Hamour Mosque holds a special place in the hearts of worshippers. Renowned for its serene atmosphere and profound devotional recitations, this mosque has become a favorite destination for those seeking spiritual solace and a deeper connection with their faith.

The strategic location of Abu Hamour Mosque makes it easily accessible to residents of Abu Hamour, Mamoura, and the surrounding areas. Its central position in the community reinforces its significance as a gathering place for worshippers, fostering a sense of unity and shared devotion.

One of the distinctive features that sets Abu Hamour Mosque apart is its commitment to providing deep devotional recitations daily. The mosque is known for its immersive and soul-stirring recitations, led by skilled and knowledgeable reciters who have mastered the art of reciting the Quran with heartfelt passion. The recitations create a profound spiritual ambiance that resonates with worshippers, allowing them to immerse themselves in their prayers and connect with the divine on a deeper level.

Location: Wadi Al Qura Street, Abu Hamour

Al Fanar Mosque

Fannar Qatar

One of the famous and much loved mosques of Doha, this mosque has a center Islamic learning. People gather in large numbers here for Friday prayer as it also offers English lectures.

Location: Abdullah Bin Jassim Street – Opposite Souq Al Aseiry

Al Shuyoukh Mosque (also known as Green Mosque/Amiri Mosque)

Al Shuyoukh Mosque

This mosque is often considered as a VIP entry-only mosque but in fact open to everyone. Women can also practice prayers freely here.

 Location: Al Qasr Street, Msheireb

Aspire Mosque

Aspire Mosque

Famous for providing religious lectures in English, this mosque attracts people from across Doha. Villagio mall visitors, Torch Hotel guests or even residents from Al Waab, Al Aziziyah & Al Rayyan areas can easily practice prayer here.

Location: Aspire Zone – Opposite Villagio Mall

Costa Fanar Masjid (also known as Costa Fayrouz Mosque)

Costa Fanar Masjid

This mosque proves to be a great worship place for ladies as it provides the five prayers daily. It is located closest to the Pearl Playground.

Location: Fanar Fayrouz, The Pearl-Qatar

Dar Al Salam Mall Mosque

Dar Al Salam Mall Mosque

Dar Al Salam mall-goers and residents of Abu Hamour, Mamoura can easily visit here as this mosque is located in the prime location. Mesaimeer is also not so far from here.

Location: Mesaimeer Road, Abu Hamour

Education City Mosque

Education City Mosque

Popular for its unconventional minaret design, this mosque offers religious lectures daily. The mosque is also easily accessible from Al Rayyan and Al Gharaffa areas.

Location: Ouloum Street, Al Rayyan (Education City – Close to the Qatar National Library)

Imam Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Mosque – Grand State Mosque

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque entrance

With stunningly beautiful interiors and lengthy recitations, this mosque is made to enhance spiritual connections. Considered as the main mosque of Doha, the mosque attracts worshippers from many places.

Location: Al Muhandiseen Street, Al Markhiya

Katara Masjid


All worshippers including females can practice prayer here all year as per the designated timings. The mosque is located centrally which makes it quite populated.

Location: Near Chapati & Karak or Pigeon Nest Building

Lusail Marina Mosque

Lusail Marina Mosque

This mosque has recently opened in Lusail city at Marina district. This serene beauty provides you with a cool shade of carpet for peaceful prayers. It also holds a spacious prayer space for ladies.

Location: Street 321, Lusail City

Mirqab Mall Mosque

Mirqab Mall Mosque

Situated on the ground floor of the Mirqab mall, This beautifully built mosque offers five times prayer on a regular basis. Females also have a prayer space there. The mosque is easily accessible to mall-goers, people from Al Nasr and Al Sadd.

Location: Mirqab Jadeed Street, Al Sadd

Msheireb Downtown Mosque

Msheireb Downtown Mosque

With its extravagant space and central location in the city, this mosque is a wonderful place for daily obligatory prayers for all worshippers.

Location: Qasr Suhaim Street, Msherieb Downtown

Omar Bin Khattab Mosque

Omar Bin Khattab Mosque

Considered to be one of the oldest mosques of Qatar, it is closely located to Shamal road. People from Madinat Khalifa, Bin Omran and Al Gharaffa can easily access it.

Location: Omar Bin Khattab Street, Madinat Khalifa

Souq Waqif Mosque (Al Ahmad Mosque)

Souq Waqif Mosque

This old revamped mosque lies between the narrow lanes of Souq Waqif. Although it is  less in popularity. It holds a special prayer room for ladies. Located in Al Ahmad square (Eastern square), it is easily accessible for people.

Location: Al Ahmad Square, Souq Waqif

The Golden Masjid

Golden masjid doha

As the name suggests, this mosque is extremely popular for its spectacular golden exterior and interior. Adding to that, it also holds a space for female worshippers.

Location: Across amphitheater (Near Khan Farouk Cafe), Katara

West Bay Jamia Masjid

West Bay Jamia Masjid

Amidst all the tall buildings around, this serene mosque lies in the middle of west bay. It has an abundant space for ladies for prayers on the first floor.

Location: Umm Awaarad Street, West Bay

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