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Different Types of Local Qatari Dates

Qatari Dates

Today we are going to see a variety of the dates which are offered by Qatar. Do read the whole article to know various kinds of dates which you may like

Farmers and businessmen across Qatar have showcased their freshly collected dates and date products for natives and visitors at approx. 50 different stalls. The rate of the dates varied from QR 7 to QR 18 depending on the variety of dates.

Different types of dates

Do you know, dates are the fruits of the date palm tree? The tree can be seen all over the Middle East, including Qatar. They are a staple food all over the province. Various types of dates are grown in Qatar at present, and many of these are featured at the festival. Some of these dates are-


Khudri Dates

Khudri is one of the most popular types of dates in Qatar. They are slightly sweet and have a scaly outer texture. They have dark brown and are not too fuzzy on the outside.


Zahidi Dates

The zahidi date is one of the roundest dates in shape. They are medium in size which is more attractive to customers. They have a golden texture exterior and have a sweet taste.


Safawi Dates

Safawi is an extraordinary kind of date that dissolves in your mouth immediately and is very fruity. They have a brownish-black colour and have a soft, semi-dried outer texture. Safawi is one of the dearest dates during Ramadan.


Sufri Dates

They are soft, chewy, and a little dry on the mouth. They have juicy qualities which make them unique from the rest. They are also the top-selling dates in Qatar. They have a golden brown colour. According to natives, sufri dates are also provided medical benefits in constipation and intestinal dysfunctions. 



They have a reddish colour and oval shape. They were introduced by Saudi Arabia, but now they are natively grown in Qatar. Khalas dates are one of the popular dates among other dates.



They have a sweet and sour taste and have been drily textured while eating. They have dark brown colour and a fuzzy texture. They are very rich in fibre and are the best antioxidant for the human body.


Khenaizi Dates

They are one the most commercialized dates. They are one of the most popular dates in the market because of their rich and sweet flavour. They are more beneficial to the palate if you eat them fresh rather than dried.


Barhy Dates

They have a very rare quality that cannot be seen in other types of dates. They give you a syrupy rich and soft feeling while eating. They are known as the softest dated in the market

Making dates Interesting

Dates are collected from the date palm trees and can be eaten fresh. Many individuals favour eating dates as they are but some others try to make them more interesting. Following is some of the other products made by dates that are sells like hotcakes at the festival- 

  • Chocolate coated dates- QR 40
  • Dates with dried fruit – QR 43
  • Date paste- QR 10
  • Date syrup- QR 10
  • Date candy – QR 10

If you love dates and wanted to try a new one-stop by the market and try one. Let us know which dates is your favourite. 

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