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HSBC Bank Branches and ATMs in Qatar: Complete Guide


The bank offers a full scope of cross border banking products and services from Commercial and Global Banking to Retail Banking and Wealth Management and Offshore banking.

HSBC has been working in Qatar since 1954. With an unrivalled worldwide network and a rich legacy, HSBC is all around situated to play a main role in the local economy and continue with its commitment to the country’s development.

HSBC is one of the world’s biggest banking and financial services organisations. They serve more than 39 million clients through four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. Their organization covers 66 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited – Qatar Branch works as a subsidiary of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited and it offers business, corporate, and business banking services. The bank has three branches in Doha (Airport Road), City Center and Salwa as a large network of ATMs at 10 different areas.

  • HSBC Premier – +974 4438 2200
  • HSBC Advance – +974 4441 6663
  • Individual Banking – +974 4442 4722
  • Web Banking Helpline – +974 4441 1550

HSBC Bank Head office:

  • Building 150, Al Matar Street, Umm Ghuwailina, P.O. Box 57, Doha
  • Sunday-Thursday: 07:30-13:00
  • Tel: (4442 4722)/44382100
  • Fax: 4425 4253
  • Message: 4204 HSBC DH

City Centre Branch

  • City centre PO Box 3842, Doha, Qatar
  • Sunday-Thursday: 07:30-13:00, 17:30-20:00
  • Saturday: 8:30-12:00
  • Tel: 44424722/44382100
  • Fax: 4483 2885
  • Message: 4204 HSBC DH

Salwa Road Branch

  • Building B, Al Waab City (close to Volkswagen showroom), Salwa Road, Doha, State of Qatar
  • Sunday-Thursday: 07:30-13:00
  • Tel: (4442 4722)/44382100
  • Fax: 4438 3692
  • Telex: 4204 HSBC DH

List of HSBC ATMs Machines

Here’s a comprehensive list of HSBC ATM machine locations in Qatar that can be helpful when you need to withdraw money:

Al-Helal Complex

This complex is located in Al-Khor, opposite Q-Tel, and offers 24-hour ATM services.

Fantino Shoes

This store is located on Al Markhiya Street in Doha and provides 24/7 ATM services.

Giant Stores

Located in Sana R/A Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, this store provides 24-hour ATM services for your convenience.

Hamad International Airport

This airport is located in the Passenger Terminal Complex, and offers 24-hour ATM services on the Departure Level 1.

HSBC Branch

The City Centre branch of HSBC Bank in Doha provides 24-hour ATM services.

HSBC Branch

The Salwa Road branch of HSBC Bank in Doha also provides 24-hour ATM services.

Hyatt Plaza

This shopping mall is located on Al Waab Street in Doha and offers ATM services from 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM every day of the week.

Landmark Shopping Mall –

Located on Duhail Road in North Doha, Qatar, this shopping mall offers ATM services from 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM every day of the week. In addition to ATM services, the mall also provides a variety of shopping and dining options.

FAQs about HSBC Bank in Qatar

Here are some frequently asked questions about HSBC Bank in Qatar:

What services does HSBC Bank offer in Qatar?

HSBC Bank offers a wide range of banking services in Qatar, including personal and business banking, wealth management, and investment banking.

Where can I find HSBC Bank branches in Qatar?

HSBC Bank has several branches in Qatar, including locations at City Centre Doha and Salwa Road.

What are the operating hours for HSBC Bank branches in Qatar?

Most HSBC Bank branches in Qatar are open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM on weekdays, and closed on weekends and public holidays. However, some branches may have different operating hours, so it’s best to check with your local branch for specific details.

Does HSBC Bank offer online banking in Qatar?

Yes, HSBC Bank offers online banking services in Qatar, allowing customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills from anywhere at any time.

What types of accounts does HSBC Bank offer in Qatar?

HSBC Bank offers a variety of accounts in Qatar, including current accounts, savings accounts, and foreign currency accounts. They also offer specialized accounts for businesses, expatriates, and high net worth individuals.

Does HSBC Bank offer credit cards in Qatar?

Yes, HSBC Bank offers a range of credit cards in Qatar, including Visa and Mastercard options. These cards offer various rewards and benefits, such as cashback, travel miles, and discounts on dining and shopping.

What are the requirements to open an account with HSBC Bank in Qatar?

The requirements to open an account with HSBC Bank in Qatar may vary depending on the type of account you want to open. Generally, you will need to provide proof of identification, such as a passport or ID card, as well as proof of address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement. You may also need to meet certain minimum balance requirements and provide additional documentation for specialized accounts.

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