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More than 100 stores in Mall of Qatar reopens as government’s Phase 1


In compliance with the four-phased reopening plans of the Government of Qatar, more than 100 stores have reopened in the Mall of Qatar resulting in increased vibes for the first time in more than 100 days. Most of the stores that have opened a deal in fashion, perfume, cosmetics, watches, accessories, and electronic items.

As per a statement released by the mall management on Wednesday, the mall administration has assured the consumers that all the necessary measures have been taken as per the direction of the Ministry of Public Health to safeguard its tenants, staff, and customers against the global pandemic.

“The safety of the staff, the tenants, and the shoppers are of utmost importance to the Mall of Qatar,” the statement read. Speaking on the same, Emile Sarkis, General Manager of Mall of Qatar said, “We are pleased to resume operations and happy to welcome visitors again. The Mall of Qatar is taking necessary precautions to guarantee the safety and health of our staff and shoppers alike. We have implemented measures such as sanitization and contactless payment options for customers to minimize the risk of transmission.”

As per the management, the Mall of Qatar has made deep cleaning and sanitizing daily mandatory in order to maintain strict hygiene and offer its customers a harmless environment to spend time and shop.

The statement read that, “With its slogan ‘Welcome Back, We Missed You’, the Mall of Qatar has already started an awareness campaign on its social media platforms that educates shoppers on the best ways for safe shopping. Instructions are installed at the entrances and throughout the Mall to remind the public about the distances that must be observed and to sanitize their hands regularly.”

General instructions have been installed at all the entrances and throughout the mall to make sure that the customers should follow the physical distancing and sanitize their hands regularly. Everyone entering the mall will have to comply with the Green tag on their Ehteraj application and anyone not having a Green tag will not be allowed to enter.

Thermal cameras have been installed at all the entrances to ensure that those who enter the mall are in good health and have not been showing any symptoms. Hand sanitization stations have also been installed across the mall to maintain a hygienic environment. The mall has, therefore, urged its customers and visitors to follow the instructions at the entrances and take care of their health while also maintaining social distancing norms.

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