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17 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar


It’s a fact that years ago very few things were known to people about Qatar. But, today Doha has developed in such a way that it is termed as a classy city with its remarkable vista, classic architecture, and the finest gastronomic restaurants that gives a fantastic experience to tourists and expats. 

Today, Qatar is a very evolved country with a rich culture and is all set to be a cosmopolitan area that the world will be experiencing soon. 

So, if you are a new to Qatar, following are some interesting facts you need to know to : 

1. FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar will be the first country in the middle East to host the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022. The event will take place in November or December, instead of in June due to the extremely warm weather in the country. From the tourists to athletes, all the requirements are being accomplished to host the event successfully.  Eight stadiums are building for FIFA World Cup in 2022

Lusail Stadium

2. Highest GDP per capita

Qatar with the highest GDP per capita is also the largest exporter of liquid gas around the world. Oil and gas are the major contributing factors to Qatar’s GDP growth. Oil and gas is a major contributing factor, the country offers a cheap petroleum price. 

3. Camel racing

Camel racing, being a leisure activity of people in Qatar, is still a much popular sport in the country. The camel racing has crazed in such a way that a large number of audience are attracted. And now, as the technology is incorporated in this activity by using remote-controlled robot jockeys to ride the camel in races, it has become a more safer activity. 

camel race in doha qatar

4. Camping is another camping activity which is performed on the beach or desert. Sealine Beach in Mesaieed is a famous place to dune bashing and campaign activity where families and friends gather. 

5. Qatar Biggest Mosque

Fridays and Saturdays are the weekend for Qataris as per the Islamic law. So, the stores will be closed in friday morning in observance of the prayer.


6. Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar is the Island off the West bay Coast spanning nearly four square kilometers with the meditarrian style marinas. For the tourists and expats, it’s a true destination to experience the  luxury at its best. With the various dining spots, five-star restaurants and cafes, this is one of the elegant destinations of Qatar.   

pearl Qatar

7. Chai Karak

Chai Karak – which is also famous as ‘Masala chai’ or ‘Kadak chai’ is a traditional spot for the tea lovers in the gulf region. South asian countries including India and Pakistan are already famous for such traditional drinks. The Chai Karak is simply an infusion of sugar, black tea and cardamom.  Below is a recipe to make a tasty ‘Kadak chai’ 

  • Mix a teaspoon of black tea and crushed cardamom with a cup of boiling water and boil for few minutes
  • Remove from the heat, and add milk and sugar to your taste
  • Place back on the heat and boil for two minutes
  • Best serve hot

8. WildLife

Qatar is also famous for its wildlife. Purple Island and AI Khor Island are famous for fishing and camping. It is home to wild birds, mangroves, and other species. For migratory birds, the place is a favorite, as it is good for breeding and feeding grounds. 

9. Qatar is the wealthiest country in the world. With its 124, 927 USD per capita, it is above the European country and even above the Chinese gambling territory of Macau. There is no doubt that Qatar has the best airlines, and nine new stadiums are under-development for the 2022 World Cup. 

10. Qatar is the safest country in the world. If we talk about natural disasters, they are very few. Even scientists say, only 0.1 % chances of earthquakes exist in Qatar, making it the safest country in the world. 

11. Qatar is good for the Hikers. The most interesting fact about Qatar is there are no hills nor anything is high, meaning the country is flat. The average elevation is just 28 meters, making it the flattest country just after the Maldives. 

12. No Forest

Qatar does not have trees. Yes, that’s true and not even a forest. After the regions like Greenland, Oman, San Marino, Qatar is the fourth one without forests. 

13. World Class Airport

teadbear in qatar airport
image Credit Flickr

Qatar has a giant Teddy Bear at the Airport. The teddy bear is created by the Swiss artist URS Fischer. The yellow color bear sits right in the middle of Hamad International Airport and attracts lots of people to take a selfie. It costs USD 6.8m. Pocket money for Qatar. 

14. 100- meter long buffet.

long buffet in Qatar

When it comes to experiencing the Cuisines, Qatar has a 100- meter long buffet. The Doha Marriott has a 100-meter buffet that offers delicious food. 

15. City Folks

Qataris are a City Folk. 99 % of the population resides in the capital of Doha. Other regions of the nation are desert area 

16. Beach Side Hotels and Resorts

St.Ragis Doha

World class and renowned hotels are based in Beach side. Hotels like Hilton, St.Regis, Grand haytt doha,Sheraton and more many. Find out here

17. Historic Places in Qatar

Qatar has few interesting places to visit such as Qatar Museum, beaches, and Forts. Highlights of Forts are Al-Thughb Fort and Al-Zubarah Fort. Al Thughb was built in 17th Century and this rectangular fort has four towers and resembles the design of desert forts. Find out more here

So, If you are planning to travel to Qatar, it would be a memorable trip with wonderful adventure.

Written by Saleh wasim

Blogger who writes topics such as Employment, News, travel, sports, events and life in Gulf.


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