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10 Most Important Arabic words to know while Living in Qatar

10 most important arabic words

How much experience do you have in Arabic skills? When you live in Qatar for some time, you mostly use the occasional ya3ni or inshallah, however do you realize how to make casual conversation? Do you realize how to arrange something, or how to say ‘hello’? In case you’re in Qatar for a little while, you may think that it’s convenient to know a little bit of the neighborhood language. We all realize that your capacity to communicate in English is sufficient for getting around in Qatar, yet life isn’t generally about being ‘sufficient’– right? If you want to go the additional mile, to share graciousness, fun, be affable, and impress others, continue reading!

Perhaps, it’s the ideal opportunity for your second lesson of Arabic! In Arabic, we learned Arabic words for welcome, a ‘thank you’, and fun articulations – however why stop there? View ILQ’s fun Arabic expressions to begin modifying. Knowing a bunch of expressions can truly have any kind of effect, regardless of whether it’s in the office, at your fave karak shop, or when visiting your neighborhood friends!

1. Shinnu akhbarik/akhbarak شينو أخباراك

What’s going on? An easy method of asking how a friend is getting along, or what they’ve been up to is by asking shinu akhbarak! At the point when you come into the office on Sunday. Ask your Arabic colleagues what’s up in Arabic! It’s shinu akhbarak if your partner is female, and shinu akhbarak if your associate is male.

2. Yislamu idiki/idek يسلمو إيديك

Next time when you’re welcome to a friends home for dinner, let them realize you’ve made the most of their cooking in Arabic! This is a sweet method of saying that their food is tasty. Yislamu ideek can be meant ‘God bless your hands’. Your friend has essentially outshone herself!

3. Min fadlik/fadlak من فضلك

What’s the magical word? You’re considering it would be ideal if you, however it’s min fadlik in Arabic! It’s magical in fact, since it makes you quickly more considerate and respectful. Say min fadlak to the Monsieur and min fadlik to the Mademoiselle.

4. Sabah al-khair/Sabah a nour صَباح النور – صباح الخير

How you start your day affects how you feel for its remainder. Start your three day weekend directly by wishing somebody a good morning in their mother language – sabah al-khair! Most value your effort, and a good of mind is certainly contagious! Their answer will be sabah a nour, signifying ‘the day of light’.

5. Madri ما ادري

At the point when you practice your Arabic language with other people around you, don’t be amazed when somebody accepts that you’re fluent. If you don’t have any idea what to say, simply let them know! Madri is a nearby expression for I don’t know!

6. Tasharafna ya Ahmed يا تشرفنا

First introductions stick! If the people you’re introduced to Arabic speakers, and you need to tell them that it was a delight meeting them, say it in Arabic. It’s everything in a single word – tasharrafna! For a personal touch, include ya and their name!

7. Ya’tik(i) alafiah يعطيك العافيه

In spite of the fact that you may realize that shukran signifies ‘thank you’, it’s not by any means the only method of saying it! Yatik alafia is a good change, and frequently a glad surprise. It actually signifies ‘may God give you health and strength’. In case you’re speaking with a girl, simply include an I toward the end of Ya’tik, and you’re giving her a special thank you.

8. Tafaddal!/Tafaddali تَفَضَّلْ

At the point when you present something to a person or physically give them something –, for example, a pen to compose, tea, or cash to purchase something, you can say tafaddal! It signifies ‘here you go’! Tafaddal for guys and tafadhali for girls is a helpful expression, particularly when you’re in the Souq!

9. Ana assif أنا آسف

Expressions are a lot better when they come from the heart. Attempt to say it in the mother language of the person you apologize to. Ana assif signifies ‘I’m sorry. Simple!

10. Abee wahid karak ابي واحد كارك

Lastly, an extremely fundamental expression in Qatar to learn by heart is abee wahid karak. It signifies ‘I need one karak’. (In spite of the fact that you’ll once in a while need only one!) Start combining expressions and you can say ‘Abee wahid karak min fadlak’. Would you be able to think about what it means? Since you’ve seen our Top 10 Arabic expressions, get to the books! After your two lessons of Arabic, and a little bit of practice with your friends, you must be close to fluent very soon.

Other Common Words and English Meanings

  1. Iftar – Meal to break fast during Ramadan
  2. Majlis – Sitting area for guests
  3. Souq – Market
  4. Shisha – Hookah
  5. Biryani – Spiced rice dish with meat
  6. Kabsa – Spiced rice dish with chicken or lamb
  7. Shawarma – Meat wrap sandwich
  8. Falafel – Fried chickpea balls
  9. Hummus – Chickpea dip
  10. Fattoush – Salad with toasted pita chips
  11. Baba ghanoush – Eggplant dip
  12. Fatayer – Spinach or meat-filled pastry
  13. Kunafa – Sweet cheese pastry
  14. Baklava – Sweet pastry made with nuts and honey
  15. Tahini – Sesame paste
  16. Za’atar – Spice blend with thyme and sesame seeds
  17. Sumac – Tangy spice
  18. Harissa – Spicy pepper paste
  19. Basbousa – Sweet cake made with semolina
  20. Maamoul – Date-filled cookies
  21. Mahlab – Spice made from cherry pits
  22. Qahwa – Arabic coffee
  23. Karak chai – Spiced tea with milk
  24. Laban – Yogurt drink
  25. Foul – Fava bean dip
  26. Khobz – Arabic bread
  27. Mabkhara – Incense burner
  28. Abaya – Traditional black dress for women
  29. Kandura – Traditional white robe for men
  30. Hijab – Headscarf for women
  31. Thobe – Traditional dress for men
  32. Jilbab – Long coat for women
  33. Jalabiya – Long tunic for women
  34. Keffiyeh – Checkered headdress

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