Net worth of Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman Auf business strategy

Abdul Rahman is the richest person because office simple but effective business strategy. He has three basic principles they are. Prophet Muhammad mentioned his name among those who were supposed to go to Paradise 

Net worth of Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman when he died his networth was 3.1 Islamic dollars.

Rupees converter to US dollars is net worth is 791 billion USD. 

The richest person in the world is Jeff  Bezos as of june 2021.His networth is 177 billion Us dollars. Where as Abdul Rahamans is dollars 791USD.

Abdul Rahman left all his wealth back in Mecca when he arrived in Madina Back in 642 AD. There he Started off from the beginning. At about 70 Muslim families migrated to Madina  at this point in time.

Abdul Rahman joined hands with saad  bin  arabhi.He was a rich man in Madina. 

Farm was rejected as a gift By Abdul Rahman.

Saad offered one of his farms  as a gift Abdul Rahman.But he is refused. He said May Allah bless you with Your family and money but for me please show me the market place Mention the market of Quain uqa .

Abdul Rahman started with just four dinars

He Started from 4 dinars And reached 791 billion USD

His business was to trade horses you also included the saddles in it.Is business Is business started gaining profits very soon.

His business strategies based on three business principles

First principle was

No cash

He Accepted no cash from any body  and firmly believe that Allah would provide him

Trading high volume:

He never stored any products and sold the goods even if we had one penny profit.The main emphasis was on increasing the flow of money and there by booking more profits and earnings.


He always informed customers even if the goods had slightest of the fault in them and ensured that Customers are satisfied.

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