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Net Worth of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Net worth is $450 million

Do you know who is Floyd Mayweather and what his net worth is? Well, he is a world-known American boxer and promoter. His net worth is $450 million. He is among the top-paid boxers in the world. His complete career profits are approx $1.1 billion. Let’s learn more.

Early Life

He was born on 24th February 1997 in Michigan. His father popularly known as Sugar Ray Leonard was also a trained boxer. In his childhood, he faced his mother being addicted to drugs and the absence of his father as his father spent most of the time in a boxing gym. 

When his father got arrested, he shifted with his grandmother. He gave his time to boxing and dropped out of high school to be an aspirant. And the rest is history. He won National Golden Gloves Championships in 1993, 1994, and 1996. His bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics was also his biggest achievement. 

Throughout his career, he won an original six boxing championships in five separate weight categories: Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Junior Welterweight, Welterweight twice, and Super Welterweight. In his professional career, he has recorded 50 wins against 0 losses. Out of 50 wins, 27 wins came by knockout.

Career Earnings

Arturo Gatti                            June 2005                                $3.2 million

Carlos Baldomir                      November 2006                      $8 million

Oscar De La Hoya                  May 2007                                $25 million

Ricky Hatton                           February 2008                         $20 million

WWE Wrestle Mania             December 2008                       $25 million

Juan Manuel Márquez            September 2009                      $25 million

Sugar Shane Mosley               May 2010                                $30 million

Victor Ortiz                             September 2011                      $40 million

Miguel Cotto                           May 2012                                $40 million

Robert Guerrero                      May 2013                                $50 million

Saul Alvarez                           September 2013                      $75 million

Marcos Maidana I                   May 2014                                $40 million

Marcos Maidana II                 September 2014                      $32 million

Manny Pacquiao                     May 2015                                $250 million

Andre Berto                            September 2015                      $35 million

Conor McGregor                     August 2017                            $300 million

Tenshin Nasukawa                  December 2018                       $9 million

Logan Paul                              June 2021                                $35 million

Total                                        $1.022 billion

From his first 15 fights, he has profited $2 million. He has also gained $25 million from merchandise and advertisement contracts. 

Notable Fights

In March 2009, he fought against Manny Pacquiao. It was one of the most predictable fights of that period. He defeated Sugar Shane Mosley in 2010, Victor Ortiz in 2011, and Miguel Cotto in 2012.

In 2013 he gained approx $50 million due to a win against Robert Guerrero. In September 2013 fight against Saul Alvarez and earned $75 million. Which made the experience the highest pocket in the history of boxing.

In 2017 he fought against Conor McGregor. The match gained 5 million PPV gains, and the fight earned $700 million. In 2021 he fought an exhibition match against YouTuber Logan Paul. He gained $35 million from it.

Real Estate

His main house since 2018 is an 11-bedroom custom-built estate in Las Vegas that traverses 22,000 square feet. He purchased a house for $10 million. He also has a 13,000-square-foot palace in Vegas that was his main home from 2010 to 2018. He purchased this home for $9.5 million. In addition to his New York City residence, he also owns the Boxing Club in Las Vegas, and the strip club, Girl Collection in Vegas. In August 2021, he spent $18 million on the waterfront estate on Miami’s Palm Island.

Car Collection

He has dozens of cars collection. In an interview, has revealed that he owns a $15 million value of luxury cars in his carport that have never been driven. He has bought more than 100 cars from Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas over the past two decades.

Private Jets

He has a $60 million Gulfstream G650, which he called “Air Mayweather.” He purchased his jet on his 41st birthday in 2018. He also has Gulfstream III, purchased for $30 million. 

Jewelry Collection

He has more than 40 incredibly expensive watches. In 2015, he spent an unbelievable $18 million on a single watch, created by Jacob the Jeweler. He named it “The Billionaire.”

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