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How to renew UAE Resident VISA : Complete Guide [ Dubai Visa ]

How to renew Dubai Resident VISA

In Dubai we have 80% of the population is expats and there are many expats who are living, working and doing business in Dubai but not familiar with visa renewal process.

if you are staying more than a year whether you are employee, Dependent Family member, businessman, or domestic staff then you should be familiarize with Dubai resident permit visa renewal process.

In this article, Dubai Visa Renewal process has mentioned step by step and also given related information about Dubai Resident visa types and how to renew them too.

Dubai Resident Visa Types and Renewal

The are many types of resident visas in Dubai. here is the list.

  1. Individual residency visa Renewal in the Government sector
  2. Individual Residency visa Renewal in the Private sector
  3. Investors or Partner Residency visa Renewal
  4. Local or GCC Sponsor Family Residency Visa Renewal.
  5. Government Sector Sponsor Family Residency Visa Renewal.
  6. Investors or Partner Family Residency Visa renewal.

The Documents needed for Dubai Residency visa renewal

  1. Form of DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development) for Visa Renewal
  2. Passport Original – it should have two blank pages and six months Validity.
  3. Passport size photographs – 8
  4. Original Emiriate ID
  5. Bank Copy
  6. Health Insurance Card front side or Certificate of Health Insurance.from Health Insurance Agency.

For the Following documents required for employment Visa renewal

  1. WPS form : Payment Declaration of Workers Wages
  2. Attested Degree Certificate if the employee under Skilled Resource 1-3

Do we have any discount on Residency Visa Renewal ?

No, there are no discounts. regular visa renewal cost and procedure need to follow to apply.

How much time does it take to renew Dubai Residency Visa?

After submission of the application and payment completion. usually it take five business days.

UAE / Dubai Residence Visa Renewal Cost :

There various components contributes to the total visa cost in Dubai.

The following cost applies to the employement visa Renewal

  1. For Contract typing and submission Governemtn fees will be between 200 to 300 AED.
  1. Depends on the employee designation and company Category the labour fee will be between 300 AED to 5000 AED
  1. Medicial typing fees range from 300 AED to 800 AED depends upon the option you select.
  2. 2 Years Valid Emirates ID typing fees 280 AED.
  3. Depends upon the selection of Basic insurance, the fees will be between 800 AED to 1000 AED.
  4. Depends upon the option, the residence visa permit fee range will be be 500 AED to 600 AED.

Additional fees

  1. PRO fee for Visa 1575 AED.
  2. PRO Fee for Medical and Emirates ID 1050 AED.

If you are fall into limited skill category then you need to pay additional insurance fee between 420 AED to 5120 AED

For the Investors and Partners the residence visa Renewal expenses are as such

  1. Medical Typing fees is 858 AED
  2. Emirate ID typing fees is 372 AED
  3. Residence visa typing fees is 925 AED
  4. PRO Fees is range betwen 2000 AED to 3000 AED.

Key Steps to Renew Residential Visa in Dubai

  1. Open UAE Pass website or app, register and create an account. If you are already registered then log into the smart services.
  2. From the options, select residency permit renewal Services
  3. Fill in the application and submitting the application
  4. Review screen appears and update the trieved data.
  5. Pay the residency renewal fees which includes service fee, visa costs and other relevant expenses.
  6. If required, apply to authenticate your biometrics

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