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3 Easy way to check Emirates ID Status

3 Easy way to check Emirates ID Status

What is Emirates ID?

Any UAE resident is required to possess an Emirates ID. It’s given to you after your resident visa is stamped in your passport, and it’s valid for the same amount of time as your visa.

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How to check the Validity of the current Emirates ID/Visa?

You can check the validity of your current Emirates ID by visiting the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC).

emirate ID

How to check the application status of Emirates ID?

After applying for the ID/ renewal you can check the status online. You need an Emirates ID number or registration number to check the status.

emirate ID status

Steps to check the Status

  1. Visit the official website of FAIC. 
  2. Choose the ‘Check ID Status’ option.
  3. Fill in your application number/ Emirates ID number.
  4. A popup box will emerge with the Application Status.
  5. You can also contact the authority on 600 522222 if you are facing any difficulties.

How to accumulate Emirates ID?

  1. Entry permit application– As a company owner or as an employee of a UAE-based company, an entry permit can be issued. The entry permit is part of the residence visa. Entry permits are electronic documents. These are valid for 60 days. Your resident visa will be stamped into your passport after you have completed your medical check and applied for Emirates ID.
  2. Medical check-up– It is a compulsory procedure after getting the entry permit. You should do your medical checkup from any Preventive Medicine Center. AIDS, Hep B, and Tuberculosis tests will be conducted. If there is no problem with reports then you can go ahead with your visa. The extra test will be conducted if the report is not good.
  3. Emirates ID application– You can fill out the application for the office of the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship. The biometrics data like eye scanning and fingerprints scan will be taken during the application. 
  4. UAE visa stamping– UAE visa stamping is the final step of UAE residency. Generally, most visa has 3 years of validity, however, in some free zones, you will be given 2 years valid visa if you are an employee. UAE residents’ Emirates IDs are valid for as long as their visas are valid.
emirate ID status services

Cost of Emirates ID

  • AED 170- for 1 year
  • AED 270- for 2 years
  • AED 370- for 3 years/

Emirates ID Renewal

The government provides 30 days grace period to citizens to renew their IDs after the expiration of ID cards. If you were unable to do it within 30 days, late renewal charges of AED 20/day will apply. Authority will also remind you for renewal via SMS.

To renew your ID card you need to submit the application form and submit the fees. The biometric is not necessary because it was already done during your first ID. 

Cancelling Emirates ID

There could be the following few reasons to cancel your emirates ID.

  • If you are leaving UAE.
  • If you are switching jobs or setting up a business in Dubai and applying for a new residency visa.

The cancellation of your ID means the cancellation of your resident visa. When you submit your passport for visa cancellation, you must hand in your card to your employer or the Immigration department.

What does the long Emirates ID number mean?

The emirate ID had a 15-digit number divided into 4 parts. Every 4 parts have the following meaning;

  • 1st part- represent UAE international code (784).
  • 2nd part- could be similar to your year of birth, but it could be different too.
  • 3rd part- random numbers (7 digits)
  • 4th part- for verification number. (1 digit only)

What happens if I lose my Emirates ID?

lost Emirate ID

The following actions should be taken-

  • File a report to the nearest police station. It will cost you AED 70.
  • Let the FAIC know about the loss of your card within 7 days.
  • Visit any office of FAIC and apply for a new card. It will cost you AED 300 with an additional application fee of AED 70 and AED 40 online.
  • Receive your new card via the Emirates post office.

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