How To Put A Family’s Visa On Hold In UAE

How To Put A Family's Visa On Hold In UAE

What Is The ‘Hold Service’ For Visas?

If an employee got terminated or left his job because the employee had a better job offer, the employee will have to change his visa from his previous employer to the new employer. If a person is sponsoring his family as an individual, The visas of his dependents will have to be terminated as well in order to cancel his employment visa. When the person changes his employment visa, the visas of his dependents could be put on hold instead of terminating.

Where Can This Service be Applied?

For the application of this service visit an Amer service centre in Dubai, or at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) service centre in any other emirate. This visa holding service can only be applied for in the same emirate. For example, if your visa was issued in Sharjah, you can only apply at an ICA customer happiness centre in Sharjah for the hold services. The visa for a maximum can be put on hold for 60 days.

Which Documents Would I Need?

If an employee is transferring his sponsorship between a mainland company to another mainland company, the following documents would need to submitted:

• Holding application

• From current employer, labour cancellation documents 

• New company offer letter from MOHRE

• Original passport of sponsor and dependents 


• Application – Dh75

• Deposit Refundable – Dh2,500

• Holding Fee For Each Person – Dh141

The deposit amount will be refunded if the hold of visas is lifted before 60 days. The amount will be lost if not lifted before 60 days. A security deposit is not required for holding the visas of family members of Golden Visa holders.

Steps To Put A Family’s Visa On Hold

This is the process you need to follow for putting family’s visa on hold:

1. Cancellation of the labour card by your current employer.

2. Then visit an Amer centre or an ICA customer happiness service centre and place in the request for putting your family visa on hold.

3. Your current visa should be cancelled.

4. The residence visa will then be applied by your new employer.

5. You can remove the hold on your family’s visa once the new visa is stamped. The deposit amount will be refunded if done before 60 days.

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