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Sri Lankan food stores and grocery shops in Qatar

Sri lankan Stores

Qatar is a country with multiple communities and expats. If someone belongs to Sri Lankan community or wants to look at Sri Lankan food stores and grocery shops then must check out these supermarkets and stores as they cater specifically to this community. Let’s find out more about these shops.

Fresh Choice

fresh choice

Fresh Choice is great place to find Sri Lankan beverages, food, spices, fruits and more. It is located at Bin Mahmoud. Things you can get here are Sri Lankan beverages like SMAK brand wood apple drink, Harischandra coffee, foods like FC dry fish, MDK brand string noodles, authentic Sri Lankan curry powder and spices, fruits, and vegetables like Anoda (Soursoup), Goraka (Malabar Tamarind), Wing Beans and much more. If you are looking to shop online then have an online store too which delivers on Fridays & Saturdays. You can get free delivery for orders above QR 99.


Gulf Ceylon

Gulf Ceylon

Gulf Ceylon is located near C-ring road. Here you can get fresh and local Sri Lankan groceries and foods. Buy vegetables and fruits like Jackfruit seeds, Thibbatu (Turkey Berries), Nelum Ala (Lotus Root), Kohila Ala (Lasia Stalk), Abun Banana, Wood Apple, Ambarella, etc! If you want to get the fresh produce, you need to check their social media pages as they update when fresh stock arrives. You can also buy Sri Lankan spices, flour, rice, tea, soap, juices, and more.


Kadamandiya by Early Green


Located near Al Sadd Sports Club, Kadamandiya is another go-to-shop where you can get Sri Lankan vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grocery items. Items you can get here are Ariya brand pastes and rice, Bairaha brand chicken products, Hyson teas, and canned goods. Get herbs like Kankung, Welpnela (Balloon Vine), Passion Fruit leaves, Sri Lankan fish like Thalapath (Sailfish), Kelawalla (Yellowfin Tuna), Hurulla (Sardines), vegetables and fruits like Raja Ala (Water Yam), Polos (Young Jackfruit), Kabaranka (Star Fruit), etc! Can’t wait to get these products, right?


Spec Mart

spec Mart

Spec Mart is located at Nuaija. In this store, you can get fresh Sri Lankan fruits, leaves, and vegetables like Ambun Banana, Pani Dodan (Sweet Orange), Aguna leaves (Green Milkweed climber), Gotu Kola (Pennywort), Knol Khol (Kholrabi), Kiri Ala (Taro Root), Breadfruit, etc. you can also purchase Araliya, MD, Wijaya, Maliban, Ruhunu, Lanka Soy brand products, local spices, soaps, fish, Sri Lankan Sarons (traditional garment), and Kalagedi (pots) from here.  So visit here soon!


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