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The Torba Farmers Market

Torba Farmers

What all you can find here ?

Food & Drink

From vegan, organic to street food, you can find everything here. Brownies, bread, salads, burgers, burritos, nachos, Cookies, cakes, macarons, ice cream, fresh-pressed fruit juice popsicles are some simple options here. Other than that you can also have beverages options  like coffee, lemonade and acai bowl here.

Organic Products

Torba is an Arabic word which means “The pure soil that feeds, nourishes and nurtures” and same can be seen in their market. You can find finest of locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers stalls in the marketplace.

Artisan Products

When it comes to handmade products, this market is a perfect place. Whether it is paintings,  jewellery, fragrant candles, raw products like oil, butter, soaps you can find everything handmade here.

This year Torba Market has all the amenities that  one can have in the pandemic . It has ample seating arrangements which gives you perfect space to enjoy your meal and maintaining social distancing at the same time. This market is an amazing place to wander around. Not only for customers but also for local farmers, artisans and new entrepreneurs, this is a great platform to grow their business.

The market is following all the rules and regulations regarding Covid. The organizers and volunteers are doing great job by providing facilities like temperature checking, maintaining social distancing and to make sure that everyone wear mask.

Few things you need to note:

  • Visit there by 3 pm
  • Market only use eco-friendly products
  • No kids play area this year
  • Dogs are allowed


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