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JEDARIART: Qatar’s New Street Art


We have compiled the list of the artists and some of the paintings’ photographs with their locality to help you in your DIY tour of the new painting in the city!

Use the hashtag #OurPublicArt when you post the photographs of this art on social media!

1. Mubarak Al-Malik

Mubarak Al-Malik

A woman wearing a batoola holding an incense burner is chronic in Mubarak Al Malik’s works, representing Arabic culture and tradition. You can see more public art of Mubarak Al-Malik in Qatar Academy, Katara Cultural Village, and Hamad Internation Airport.

2. Nada Khozestani

Nada Khozestani

It is motivated by Qatar’s nature, culture, and colors. Nada Khozestani’s women in colorful abayas can be on one of the Doha Fire Station Gallery walls.

3. Dimitrije Bugarski

Dimitrije Bugarski
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It is also known as DeeDee at Doha Fire Station. His painting is called “Head Above Water.” 

4. Noura Al Mansoori

Noura Al Mansoori

One more striking piece you can see at the Doha Fire Station. The painting is known as “shroomy ladybug.” Noura said that she choose the ladybug because it symbolizes luck, and the mushroom symbolizes magic & power. Together they create a symbol of manifesting a wonderful life.

5. Huda Basahal


You will also find Huda Basahal’s “Be Like a Fish” at Doha Fire Station. She elaborates her paintings to be “at the intersection of abstraction & realism.”

6. Michael Perrone

Michael Perrone

His piece of work “Home and Away” is 22meter wide was accomplished by his friends and former student. You can see it when you drive via the Doha Festival City Interchange.

7. Abdulaziz Yousef

Abdulaziz Yousef

One of his pieces for Jedariart is an elucidation of a man wearing a thobe. 

8. Maryam Al Maadhadi

Maryam Al Maadhadi

Maryam tried to tell and enhance the stories of Qatari traditions through her art. She is also the founder of Doha Art Hub.

9. Alanoud Al Ghamdi

You can find the artistic Arabic calligraphy outside the QNL Metro station. The calligraphy displays a verse from the Quran: “oh my Lord, increase my knowledge.”

10. Thamer Al Dossari

He is another admired graffiti artist in Qatar. He is one of the artists selected for the “100 days of blockade” inventiveness exhibited at Doha Fire Station.

11. Haifa Al Khuzaei

The Arabian horse and the falcon in Qatar’s national colors are on important exhibit in Haifa’s bright-colored piece for JEDARIART.

12. Shuaa Al Kuwari

Her love for Cubism is reflected in her lively piece.

13. Maha Al Jaidah

She loves to experiment and expand the boundaries with various mediums and working in multi-disciplinary fields.

14. Muna Al Bader

She is a Qatari artist well known as “Artist of Blue.” Apart from being an artist, she is also an IT engineer and MBA holder.

15. Sharefa Al Mannai

She is an artist and a scientist. Her piece is a whimsical exhibition of colors and surrealism.

16. Abdulla Alemadi

Abdulla Alemadi is a self-taught artist. His piece of art reflects his roots of inspiration from- “manuscript illustrations, mythologies from various cultures as well as the surrealist movement” with full of colors.

17. Aisha Al Fadhala

She is an emerging Qatari artist popular for her playful, as well as colorful elements. Pop Art has long been an interest for Aisha because of its vibrancy in terms of colors and accessibility of adding hidden concepts.

18. Fatima Al Sharshani

Ancient and modern calligraphy is the chief elements in Fatima’s piece.

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