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Top 12 activities you must try in Qatar

Kite surfing


Kitesurfing is a lively activity which you can do alone or with family. Qatar’s water is perfect to enjoy this thrilling sport. Flo Kite Schill in Qatar specializes in kitesurfing courses and clasp sessions at Fruwairit or Zekereet at QR 550 for 2 hours on weekdays and QR 750 for 2 hours on weekends. They also offer courses you can book for 10 hours at once. Aqua Sports also provide kitesurfing at QR 200 for 2 hours at Purple Island.


Paratriking is becoming popular in Qatar. Paratriking is a must-experience aerial adventure that you will surely love. Qatar is the ideal place to paratrike. You can pre-book your sessions with Sky Masters Sports Club or 365 Adventures in Qatar. The cost of a regular flight with Sky Masters Sports club is QR 650 and QR 1100 for a VIP flight.

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating

In Qatar, Dragon Boating is the best experience you can ever have. This is an ideal team building extreme activity for families, friends, and colleagues. Use your absolute strength and power to row the great dragon boats to make it to the finish line. Dragon boating is done at The Pearl and in Katara here. You can participate in dragon boating competitively as well! Are you ready for this exhilarating activity?

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of the super fun activities to do in the desert. This vehicle is also known as a quad-ATV bike, specially designed for sports activities. This is one of the dearest activities for adventure lovers and can be done at Sea line and Mesaieed desert, popular destinations for it. According to Avalanche Adventure, quad biking is trouble-free and suitable for beginners too. You can hire these buggies from many adventure and tourist companies in Qatar. Quad biking experience with Golden Adventures Qatar starts from QR 600.

Stand Up Paddle-boarding or SUP

Travel over Qatar’s infinite waters by balancing and paddling above the water. This is a lively activity that can be done as a group too. Tour operators like Aqua Sports have carefully selected SUP sessions at QR 200 per session for 2 hours at Purple Island. Blue Pearl Experience is another company that provides various SUP courses and sessions at all levels starting at QR 150. They also manage projects to raise water safety awareness in the water sports community and work with local organizations like UDC in setting standards.

Foiling or Wing-foiling

If you have experience in water sports and love adventure sports, then foiling is a thrilling one for you. The Blue Pearl Experience Company in Qatar offers foiling sessions for people with experience in water sports at QR 1,200 for up to 90 minutes during the weekdays from 7 am – 9 am.


Get pull behind a motorboat while standing on a wakeboard is one of the amazing moments in life. This is extraordinary for adventure lovers who love doing movement in the water! The Diplomatic Club in Qatar has wakeboarding sessions at QR 300 for non-members for 1 hour.



If you love the open waters, then sailing is an utmost activity that you will surely love. Various companies like Regatta Sailing Academy provide certified courses for both beginners and experienced sailing devotees to enjoy the sea and have a great time. Enjoy courses that include a range of activities, including sailing, raft building, team building, and leadership activities, starting at QR 1000 with Regatta Sailing Academy.

Jet Skiing

Ride through the waves and have a most amazing time doing this water-based activity in Qatar. Places like The Pearl and the Corniche are well known for this activity where you can hire jet skis for a cool adventure during a warm afternoon or during the weekends. There are various tour companies in Qatar where you can hire these jet skis on an hourly basis. You can hire jet skis via Jet Ski Lusail compony for 1 hour and half hour from Lusail Marina at QR 400 and QR 250 respectively.

Dune Bashing

Are you ready for the dunes and reveal your adventurous side in Qatar? Reach up the sandy slopes and glide down in the 4×4, which is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Make your desert experience an unforgettable one with this intoxicating and activity. There are various tourist companies like 365 Adventures that take you to Khor Al Adaid along with an expert driver to enjoy it. Prices with 365 Adventures start from QR 690 for a minimum of 4 hours and 3 passengers in a 4×4 vehicle.

Scuba Diving

Qatar’s water is home to some of the most unbelievable marine life, and one such utmost activity that allows you to enjoy this is scuba diving. There are various centers and tourism companies like Aqua Sports and 365 Adventures in Qatar, allow both beginners and experienced divers to take part in this. There are various diving spots like Simaisma, Dukhan, Mesaieed in Qatar. Scuba Diving is only to be done with expert supervision. A Scuba Diving adventure starts from QR 700 with 365 Adventures.

Speed Boating

Speed Boating

Do you love speed? If you do so, then speed boating in the Arabian Gulf is a wish list activity. Absorb some sun, have a fine swim, and a special time on the boat. The captain will take you out into the open sea at the fastest-speed, where you can only hear the roar of the engines and love the enjoyment of the ride. Speed boat rentals start from QR 500 per hour, for a minimum booking of 2 hours and a maximum of 8 people with 365 Adventures.

Contact details for the above activities:

365 Adventures

Aqua Sports Qatar

Blue Pearl Experience

Flo Kite School

Golden Adventures Qatar

Jet Ski Lusail

Regatta Sailing Academy

Sky Masters Sports Club

The Diplomatic Club

Note: Please note that the prices mentioned below are as per the tour operator’s website or as given to us and may be subject to change.

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