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Colourful roads in Qatar

ColorrFul Road in Qatar

Who doesn’t love colours? As per science, colours can bring forth different emotions such as happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, excitement and other emotions. Colours can impact the temperature of any object. If you are living in Qatar then you must visit these colorful roads..

1. Red road

Red Road Qatar

(Location: Near Al Bidda Park)

Red road or street is located near the Al Bidda Park and spreading from Qatar National Theatre to the Emiri Diwan.  The street is completely covered with the red asphalt. The street can be close by automated roadblocks during the special occasions such as National Day and Sports day. This park is also a special allocated area for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

2. Blue Road

Blue Road Qatar

(Location: Abdullah Bin Jassim Street near Souq Waqif)

Blue Road is the latest addition to the colourful roads in Qatar. The Abdullah Bin Jassim Street near Souq Waqif has been painted in blue by The Public Works Authority to decrease the temperature of the asphalt. Dark-coloured asphalt roads create high temperature but light colour paintings reduce the temperature of the surface.

3. Purple Road

Purple Road in Katara

(Location: Katara)

Do you want to visit a purple road surface in Qatar? Sounds dreamy, right? You can actually witness a distinctive landmark, located at the Katara Hills. The Katara hills have a variety of plants and trees from different countries; it is like a meeting point for cultures and civilisations. The purple walkaway presents you a beautiful environment to calm your mind in this lovely journey.  So when are you visiting here?

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