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What you have to know about Orangetheory in 2021

orangetheory fitness

Perhaps you’ve heard of, or seen an Orangetheory fitness studio. It is the brainchild of physiologist Ellen Latham, who launched more than 1,200 locations worldwide in recent years.

What is Orangetheory?

The gym’s acclaimed Orangetheory explains how the results of your workout are affected by excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC, also known as after burn. The goal is to train in the “Orange Zone” for at least 12 minutes for each sweat session at OTF. Your endurance and fitness will be improved as a result. As a result of the after burn effect, you’ll continue to burn calories even after you’ve finished working out.

What’s Involved in an Orangetheory Session?

In your one-hour workout at OTF, you’ll be guided through cardiovascular and strength exercises. A typical fitness class has a rowing machine, a treadmill, bike, or strider, and a floor for free weights and TRX suspension straps. 

Is There Any Special Required in Orangetheory?

I would say yes. The OTF uses its heart rate monitors for effective monitoring. Your heart rate is displayed on screens around the room as you are fitted with an OTBeat Core (chest strap), OTBeat Burn (worn on your wrist, forearm, or bicep), or OTBeat Link (connected to your Apple Watch). However, if you only compete with yourself, you should at least reach the Orange Zone for 12 minutes during your workout. The app allows you to track how many “Splat points” you earn each minute you stay in the Orange Zone.

Cost For Orangetheory Classes?

Rates for membership vary by location. There are several types of membership packages available at Orangetheory, ranging from Basic (four classes for $59/month) to Elite (eight classes for $99/month) to Premier (unlimited classes for $159/month). There might be larger differences if you are in a premium location, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, or Dallas. The Elite membership is $199 in Manhattan, while the Premier membership costs $279.

All levels are free of annual contracts. You can also take additional classes after you purchase a membership for a reduced fee; a class typically costs $28. The heart rate monitors are also available for rental and purchase, and cost between $69 and $129, respectively. Good news, right? The initial class is free for anyone to try. Also, there’s an app for booking future sessions.

Extra Information

All this stuff about heart rate zones and points may seem overwhelming. Due to individual tracking and assessment, Orangetheory classes are suitable for people of all fitness levels. It is led by coaches who are there to motivate you to be your best and reach your fitness goals. No matter where you begin, OTF promises a measurable increase in energy within one month, “amazing results” within three months, and a “new you” within six months. This sounds like it would be worth a shot!

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