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10 Unknown facts about Dhows in Qatar

Dhow Harbour at the Doha Corniche

Nothing or no one can beat the incredible feeling of freedom of sailing a Dhow alongside the Corniche. Do you know that the Dhow is an important part of Qatari culture and before the oil era, the Dhow was used for pearl diving, fishing, and transporting goods? And today we are going to know the 10 more unknown facts about Dhows in Qatar, so read the full article so that you don’t skip any amazing facts about Dhows.

10 Facts about Dhows

1. The majority of those dhows are built in Kerala.


You must be surprised by knowing that the majority of the dhows parked at the Corniche were built in Kerala. Few of them were built from the wood of Maynmar to India. 

2. Cost of building dhows varied from QR 1m to QR 4m

Do you know that the cost of building a dhow can be varied from QR 1m to QR 4m depending on the altitude and other amenities available on and in the actual craft? 

3. Traditional boats have different names

dhows qatar

The traditional boats are called by different names like Sanabeck, Tieeh, Jalbout, and Al Baggara.

4. Dhows come in many various sizes

Dhows are available in different sizes. It can be varied from 20 feet to 130 feet long. However, the customer can demand any size.

5. A traditional dhow can take more than 2 years to build

There is a luxurious quality about a superbly crafted dhow that can’t be described in words. Unlike any other boat afloat, they glide through the water as if they were dinosaurs from a vanished era. The shape of the vessel draws attention like no other nautical vessel, a testament to the months of effort put into creating it.

Even a small dhow takes 3 months to build and big ones in 9 months. Most of the time, this is the outcome of the need to serve the diverse requests and standards of the rich and high-status clients. 

6. Traditional dhows can last up to 120 years

Yes, you heard it right! The lifespan of traditional boats is 120 years. However, the lifespan of modern boats can range from 40 years to 100 years not more than that. 

7. Cost of a Dhow ride per person varied from QR 20 to QR 50

If you want to take a ride on Dhow you can take it by paying only QR 20- QR 50. And if you want to book the entire Dhow for family or friends for a tour, you have to pay approx QR 1500 to QR 2500.

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8. Every 3 months wooden dhows need to go out of the water for supervision.

Every 3 months wood of dhows needs to be changed for the maintenance of the dhow. Do you know that to control the leaking cotton combined with coconut oil stuffed between the woods?

9. Origin of the dhow is a historical mystery

We still don’t know anything about the exact origins of the dhow. However, many scholars believe that it originated in India in 600 AD. Others argue that the sambuk type of dhow was emanated from the Portuguese caravel.

10. The Dhow gets features on the 3rd issue banknote of the Qatari One Riyal

qatar Currency with boat

The dhow gets featured on the 3rd issue of the Qatari One Riyal banknote. Do you know that the note was issued in 1996 and withdrew from circulation in 2003?

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