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A Complete Manual for Renting Accommodation in Qatar

Rent House in Qatar

Mostly the people who live in Qatar, or should I say tourists. However, they prefer to have a rent property instead of buying a property even though Qatar has released the permissions of buying the properties in Qatar. The reason behind this is high prices or they are not really bothered about whether they’re going to stay in Qatar for a long period to invest to buy a property over here.

Whatever be the reason behind this, but still we want to make sure about the easier way to provide a stand-alone villa, villa in a compound, or an apartment.

So, in this way we just want to provide you with the equipment of leasing/rent and so on. The important laws which are in Qatar and want to give you some of the great tips to keep in mind when you start paying rent or end up the rent.

As per research, the normal people who live in Qatar spend at least 1/3 of their income on rent, and this indicates how lodging can be costly for accommodation in Qatar. However, since the cost of utilities like gas, power and water is low in Qatar, this makes some sort of adjustments – at least to an extent!

What are your choices?

Lodges in Qatar may be without furniture, medium furniture or completely furnished, and depends upon what your needs and needs are.

In an empty apartment, which means the apartment without furniture. you should purchase all the essential needs which are needed to you.

In a medium furniture apartment, which means the apartment with limited furniture. There might contain the requirements like curtains, covers and white things which may include air conditioners, fridge, washing machine and a TV.

In a completely furnished apartment, which means the apartment is fully furnitured, the majority of the furnishings and amenities will be a piece of the arrangement, and you may even have cutlery and tableware.

Presently, this is what you’ve chosen the kinds of accommodation that you need, let’s discuss the housing options:

Qatar has different lodging choices to take into account your budget  and needs:

1. Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are incredible for short-term remains and are available for a couple of days, and half a month or a couple of months and many people select some of them when they visit Qatar for the first few months while they find their lodging for what they like and everything is inside their budget. They are furnished and have housekeeping. They could conceivably remain with the room services.

2. Apartments

Apartments may be of 1, 2, 3 or more than 4 rooms. Nowadays more number of builders presently come out with equipped gyms, and a lobby area, in case you’re lucky, there might be a pool too.

3. Compound villas

A compound looks like a little network and the villas might be like a single story, however most are double stories. Inside the four walls of the compound, you can find a few or all of the following needs: a play zone for the kids, a gym, a swimming pool, a supermarket and a community club. It’s extraordinary if you have a kid as they can play safely outside and most of the compounds which are gated with the security guards while keeping an eye on the doors.

4. Independent villas

Independent villas are generally more costlier than the villas in compounds. They are more specious and are greater. They might have a chance to become a nice garden. You’ll be secluded from the remainder of the world as the villas will be walled with a passage and a garage. In this case you’re more lucky, there might be a chance of having a pool in your backyard!

Note: If you are planning or deciding for an furnished lodges, to remember that it might be at any cost of QR 1,000 more than that of unfurnished one, so costwise, it might be of low cost to settle on an unfurnished one and purchase the fully furnitured property yourself as it will work out less expensive over the long run.

How would you find accommodation?

1. Licensed estate specialists/dealers

You can find various licensed estate specialists using overall methods in Qatar. Which have separated their accommodation postings based on the price, area, number of rooms, types of accommodation, etc. At the point when you find something you like, you can email to them or you can call them and check out your properties.

Remember that if you would like to rent a place through an agent, you will be charged for the fee by them.

  • Property Finder
  • Just Property
  • Hapondo
  • Property Venture

2. Classifieds

In the event that you experience the Classified section of the various newspapers in Qatar, you will also be able to find postings for the available accommodation which are present in various places of Doha and are significantly to different regions of Qatar recorded by estate operators and the owners. Call them, and look at the properties.

3. Renting directly from the owner

In some conditions, if you’re driving by a local location in Qatar, you may look for a rent sign with a phone number on a property with that. Call them and look for a property. Possibly that will be your next settlement.

In this way, you’ve found something you loved.

Important things to remember that before you sign to the rental agreement

  • The first thing is, you should be able to think about renting a house, villas or an apartment. It is to check if the lessor’s home is registered and is situated in some cases like neighborhoods may be assigned by the government. The constitution has a significant arrangement on this as expressed in Part 1 Article 2 of the Property Leasing Law.
  • Public ownership and all the records are important. There are a huge number of approaches and beware of the foundation of the possible lessor before marking a rent. You can go to the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, The Committee of Settlement and Rental Disputes at the Ministry of Real Estate at Lease Registration Office to confirm pieces of data in regards to the history of the owner and other information. At the point when you think you have enough data available, choose whether you will rent or not.
  • Be careful about the foreclosure requests of the properties. A few lessors may hide something from the renter. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the status of the property in the Real Estate Lease Registration Office. Just in the event that they said that the property is foreclosure, documents are readily available, simply be mindful and always be alert.

How would you rent?

It is necessary to talk about the rental process in detail, to guarantee you have all the information important to rent a place in Qatar.

Note: You must be married to rent accommodation as a family/couple portion. Qatar is an Islamic nation and it’s illegal to live combinedly if you are not married.

Documentation required

The most significant things to have before you rent a place is to have all the documentation required:

  • Your Qatar ID
  • Your boss’/support’s ID card
  • Your boss’/support’s exchange permit
  • Your pay slip
  • Organization letter indicating your work subtleties
  • Marriage authentication (if leasing as a family/couple
  • Post-dated checks (12-13)

Tenancy/rental agreement

The tenancy agreement will be in Arabic and you will be given a translated English copy. Possibly it would be a smart thought to have the translation checked to guarantee something significant hasn’t been omitted or lost in translation.

Note: If there is any question, the tenancy agreement in Arabic will have illegal binding, and not the English translation!

Rent contracts are typically as yearly wise and you should go through them carefully, so you don’t miss anything, similar to the do’s and don’ts of the property, rights of the landlord, and so forth. Ensure you totally see all the clauses so there aren’t any compilations later on.

Monthly rent payment

The land owner ordinarily requires post-dated checks from you, which are spread and was totally an agreement which you have marked. This is a standard, and something that the majority of us have needed to do.

Security deposit

The land owner will request that your payment is a security deposit which can be anything in between one month to two month’s rent to cover any damages for the property which may bring to a while, if you are a tenant. At this point you leave the property, the security deposit will come back to you after the landlord guarantees the service bills are cleared and any damages paid off, after making a deductible (if required).

Moving in

When you’ve finished all the customs, made all necessary endorsements, and gave the land owner which are the post-dated checks, you should be prepared to move into your new place, and enjoy your new home.

Tricks for getting your security deposit back

At whatever point you choose to leave your present settlement, you’ll have to get your security deposit back. This can be a serious problem, particularly since the landlord will check each very small damage to guarantee they don’t need to give your deposit back or try to keep as much as could be expected under the circumstances.

Here are a few hints to guarantee that if, and when, you do choose to move out, you get most, if not all, of your security deposit back:

  • It would be good to take some of the photos of any damages which you have seen when you rented your accommodation, so the landlord can’t pin that on you.
  • Profoundly clean the place before you leave. This won’t just reflect well with the landlord, it will help you to uncover any of the hidden damage.
  • On any chance that there are minor damages you can fix yourself, fix them. Chances to fix the costs which will be significantly less than the landlord’s.
  • Ensure nothing is missing that was there when you first rented it. Replace it, if necessary.

Qatar’s Leasing Laws

Agreements/terms and conditions

The constitution identified with the renting when it is highly strict in terms of contracts that the lessor and the resident attempt. The two players that should be secured similarly as per the laws as unmistakably expressed in Article 3 (Part 1) of the Property Leasing Law:

  • For leases represented by the current law, everything that should be composed on the paper and should be submitted to the Real Estate Lease Registration Office.
  • The lessor should be answerable for all the registration of prior leases within the year.
  • The renter may utilize any kind of proof in the verification of his/her rent the premises.
  • All applications in regards to the rent of the renter will be submitted to the Real Estate Lease Registration Office as revised as per Article 2 of the Law no. 20 of 2009.

Rights and duties of the lessor and the resident

In some cases when everything is settled and is accepted, the verification of the different reports, and the lawfulness of the property and their agreements, at that point you should have the knowledge about the rights and duties of both the lessor and the tenant. To make it basic and easy to understand, we have broken down the articles 4-14 which has been expressed under the Law No. (4) of 2008 Regarding Property Leasing.

Look at this and know your job.

1) The lessor should renter to the rented premises or the house in the condition for which it would be proposed for (renting), as per the terms and conditions settled upon in the agreement.

2) These are the duties of the lessor to maintain the rented premises in a fit manner and are used for usable condition. In the event that the resident revealed when something to be fixed and the lessor should be neglected to act upon it, and the renter has the rights to get authorization from The Committee for Settlement of Rental Disputes to do and fix it. Without any of them or else at his own cost and deduct the expenses from his rental payment.

3) The right of the renter is to renounce the rent, and reduce the rental payments, stop paying the rent, or expand the tenancy. It will be regarded to be deferred, in that the resident, without sensible reason, possesses the rented premises for thirty days from the date that the maintenance and other works are attempted without falling back on the Committee.

4) The lessor cannot be able to charge the resident for over two months in case of lease for a security deposit.

5) The resident is responsible for maintaining the rented premises. However, it is not permitted to change or fix anything without the composed assent from the lessor. If the tenant neglected to ask for consent, and if in case the lessor may demand the tenant to return everything in its unique condition.

6) The resident should pay all water, power, phone charges and some other charges from the beginning of turnover except if in any case concurred.

7) The lessor can not increase the rents due to presence, just like they are now in power or finished up the date of usage from the current Law. Instead of all these as per rules, terms, and rates determined by a declaration given by the Council of Ministers upon the proposition from the Minister.

8) The renter should follow the law and pay the rent on time and it should not cross upto seven days from the due date. In the case that the lessor will not give an official receipt of payment, if the renter is inside of seven days, then they have the right to tell the lessor by an registered letter that the payment should be gotten in seven days. Disappointment of the lessor to do so, the tenant should deposit the payment to the Treasury Committee at the earliest opportunity.

9) The current rent will be framed for some portion of the title of another proprietor. Regardless of whether such a rent isn’t specifically dated out on the town going before the transport of such title except if it is proven that the rent is invalid or void.

10) The tenant may not be able to sublet or assign all the portion of the rent to the third parties, except with the written consent of the lessor.

End of rent

The rent will be ended promptly towards the finish of each agreement as indicated during the marking. If in case that the renter selects to proceed or expand the agreement and the lessor communicates with no other complaints. Then the agreement will be recharged for a comparable term, under similar terms and conditions.

Generally, in other cases, the rent will not be ended by the death of one of the gatherings. But, if the beneficiaries of the residence may choose to end the agreement, then the law permits them to do as such decisions. If in case it has been the death report of the tenant, then the family who are close to them needs to proceed with the rent, and they will expect all the resident’s rights and duties. If on the other hand, the tenant sells all the rights from the rent of the premises, at that point all the rights and duties will be moved to the buyer..


1. Is it legal to flat-share in Qatar?

No, flat sharing or combined living is legal in Qatar. Regardless of whether you meet somebody who needs to share their loft with you, don’t accept it. Some of the chances include the landowner who actually doesn’t bother about it and it’s simply not worth the risk.

2. Shouldn’t something be said about partitioned villas?

Apportioned villas are strictly avoided and it is illegal in Qatar, so never pick any of them. On the grounds which actually despite the fact that they are legal, a few landlords who despite everything and try to rent them off.

3. Imagine a scenario in which you need to leave your accommodation before the yearly agreement is fulfilled.

If you wish to leave in your present accommodation before the end of the agreement, firstly you need to provide two months notice and you should beware and take care of a penalty. This might be two months rent or even it will be the rest of your agreement of rent.

4. Imagine a scenario where you would prefer not to reestablish your tenancy contract when the yearly agreement is fulfilled.

Towards the end of the year, if you would like to wish and move out, you should give a multi month’s notification to the land owner. Your security deposit will come back to you and after every single service, the bill is paid and after that any damages to the property then that would also be paid.

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