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April 2023 Petrol Prices in the UAE


The petrol users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE at large will see a decrease in the cost of filling up their vehicles’ tanks, as the country has announced a reduction in petrol prices for April 2023. Additionally, diesel prices will also experience a drop.

Petrol Prices in the UAE for April 2023

As of April 1st, the new petrol prices in the UAE are as follows, resulting in a 2.36 percent decrease in the cost of motoring compared to the previous month:

  • Special 95: AED 2.90 per liter (down from AED 2.97 in March)
  • Super 98: AED 3.01 per liter (down from AED 3.09 in March)
  • E-Plus: AED 2.82 per liter (down from AED 2.90 in March)
  • Diesel: AED 3.03 per liter (down from AED 3.14 in March)

The Fuel Price Committee (FPC) had suspended price adjustments in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the restrictions were lifted in March 2021 to reflect the global increase in oil prices. The prices of petrol are also significantly impacted by the worldwide surge in crude oil prices, which have risen dramatically since the start of 2022. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, which affects one of the world’s biggest oil exporters, has had a significant impact on petrol prices. The authorities in the UAE set the prices of petrol, which are influenced by the global price trends for oil.

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