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Check Out Sushi Places in Qatar

Check Out Sushi Places in Qatar

Are you a foodie? If yes, then Qatar is heaven for you. Qatar is famous for its Japanese cuisine and we say Japanese cuisine the picture of sushi comes in front of our eyes. If you are a foodie and in Qatar, you must try the sushi they offer. You will be amazed!

We have made a list of sushi places according to your budget from affordable to luxurious places, where you can try these delicious sushis.


1. Fudo

Enjoy your sushi time at Fudo and enjoy delicious sushi. You must try Californa Maki, Krab Tempura Rolls, and Salmon Roll.


  • Location: Muntazah, Bin Mahmoud
  • Instagram: @fudoqatar

2. Ginger Club

The Ginger Club offers tasty sushi including Futomaki Rolls, Mango Rolls, Tempura Makis, Dynamic Rolls, Sake Makis, Volcano Rolls, and more.


  • Location: The Pearl-Qatar, Hyatt Plaza, Al Khor Mall
  • Instagram: @gingerclub.qatar

3. Maison De Sushi

Enjoy delicious sushi at Maison De Sushi! Try their Shrimp Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Octopus Sushi, and more!


  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Instagram: @mdesushi

4. Sushi Minto

They have various branches in Qatar. Try their Gunkan Maki specials such as Ikura, Tobiko, Spicy Shrimp, Futo Maki Salmon Skin, Ballston Roll, Hoso Maki Crabsticks, etc.


  • Location: Salwa Road, City Center Mall
  • Instagram: @sushi_minto

5. The Rice & The Noodle

Do you love sushi burritos? The Rice & The Noodle is the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds. Try their Philly Salmon Burrito, Smokey Salmon Burrito, Shake Sushi Bowl, Spicy Salmon & Tuna Burrito.


  • Location: Souq Waqif
  • Instagram: @riceandnoodleqatar

6. The Noodle House

You can try many types of sushi at The Noodle House, including Spider Maki, Khaliji Maki, California Maki, etc.


  •  Location: City Center Mall, The Pearl-Qatar
  • Facebook: @noodlehouseqa

7. Yee Hwa Restaurant

Yee Hwa Restaurant is famous for its Asian & Japanese cuisine. They are also known for their delightful sushi. You must try sushi rolls, Alligator Roll, Aloha Roll, Black Angel Roll, Bonito Flakes Roll, Fantasy Roll, etc.


  • Location: Al Kinana St, Doha
  • Instagram: @yeehwadoha


1. Junko Sushi & Japanese Dining

Right now, how about a Spicy Tuna Roll or a Spicy Salmon Roll? Various options are available at Junko Sushi & Japanese Dining now! Don’t forget to try their Otoro Sushi, Tako Sushi, Ika Sushi, and Hotate Sushi too!


  • Location: The Pearl-Qatar
  • Instagram: @junko_sushi_japanese_dining

2. L’wzaar Seafood Market Restaurant

Come and enjoy your favorite sushi at L’wzaar Seafood Market Restaurant. Which one have you tried? Let us know!


  • Location: Katara Cultural Village, Bldg. 27, Doha
  • Facebook: @lwzaar

3. Maki Qatar

The Maki restaurant is located in Doha Festival City. They offer a variety of delicious sushi dishes such as Sandi Ume Maki, Nori Maki, Akami Sushi, and Tobiko Flying Fish Roe Sushi.


  • Location: Doha Festival City
  • Instagram: @makirest_qa

4. Meraki

Don’t limit yourself to just one sushi option at Meraki, which serves Japanese cuisine, including sushi. Try their Spicy Crunchy Prawn Ura Maki, Unagi Roll Meraki Special, Golden Shrimp Roll, and Veggie Maki Hoso Maki.


  • Location: The Gate Mall
  • Instagram: @merakiqatar

5. NEO Restaurant

They serve Orange Temaki, Tiger Temaki, Alaskan Maki, Avocado Maki, Caterpillar Maki, and Vision of Cooked Seafood Maki, among others. Try any of them or all. They are all very delicious.


  • Location: Salwa Road, Mall of Qatar, The Gate Mall
  • Instagram: @neorestaurantqa

6. Oishi Sushi Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Oishi Sushi is a trustworthy Japanese restaurant serving tasty Japanese food. A few of the must-try dishes are the Mix Sushi Boat and the Maki Sushi!


  • Location: Royal Plaza, Doha
  • Instagram: @oishisushiqatar

7. Sakura Express

Sakura Express serves delicious food from 6 pm to 11 pm every day, except Tuesdays.


  • Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha
  • Instagram: @radissonbluhoteldoha


1. B-Lounge

When it comes to sushi, the answer is always yes. If that’s the case, go to B-Lounge The Ritz-Carlton, Doha today!


  • Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Doha
  • Instagram: @bloungedoha

2. BAO Restaurant

You won’t be disappointed with BAO Restaurant’s delicious sushi dishes such as their Crunchy California Maki, Spicy Hamachi Maki, Beef Maki Roll, Unagi Saku Saku, etc.


  •  Location: Msheireb Downtown Doha, Al Aziziya
  • Instagram: @baodoha

3. D’Chopstix Chinese & Japanese Restaurant

You can’t leave this place without trying the Rainbow Ura Maki, Spider Roll, and D’Chopstix Hana Maki Platter!


  • Location: Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha
  • Instagram: @holidayvilladoha

4. MEGU Qatar

In terms of sushi, they offer Unagi Sushi, Maguro Toro Sushi, Maguro Akami Sushi, Tai Seabream Sushi, Ebi Sushi, and Sake Sushi, which they say is their best seller. 


  • Location: 6 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar
  • Instagram: @meguqatar

5. Morimoto Doha

Morimoto’s Soft Shell Crab Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll is situated at Mondrian Doha. Also try out their Eel Avocado Roll, Lobster Roll, and Chicken Kaarage Roll while you’re at it!


  • Location: 6 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar
  • Instagram: @morimotodoha

6. Nobu Doha

Their Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll is a must-try – you’ll thank us later!


  • Location: Diplomatic St, Doha
  • Instagram: @nobudoha

7. Novikov Restaurant

The Novikov Restaurant at Katara Cultural Village specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine. Try their Crispy California Caviar, Signature Maki “Spicy Tuna,” and the Signature Maki “Langaustine Chutoro.” They will leave you wanting more!


  • Location: 21 High St, Doha
  • Instagram: @novikovdoha

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