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Top 5 Places to See Around the North of Qatar

Top 5 Places to See Around the North of Qatar

Need to get away and unwind? Schedule these trips for a simple weekend getaway from Doha! At present there are Top 5, we’re starting with Qatar’s northern side. Here are the main 5 destinations you can look out!

1. Ghost town of Al Jumail

Ghost Town Qatar

If you’re a fan of visiting deserted places, at that time Al Jumail is definitely fit for your alley. It is known as Qatar’s ghost town, the village was once a succeeding pearl diving and fishing village along with Qatar’s coast in the middle of Al Arish and Al Ruwais. It’s name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Jameel’ which means beautiful. Settled from the 19th century to the 20th century, all are currently left there are remaining parts of houses, shards of pottery, beads and different remnants from the past. Its mosque, particularly the minaret, still stands tall and glad today.

2. Al Ruwais Old Police Station and Arsan Cafe

Built in 1955, the Al Ruwais Old Police Station was reestablished by Qatar Museums and now fills in as a permanent exhibition space (Heritage Area 22899) with a location cafe.

Arsan Cafe was opened in 2019 and named as “northernmost cafe in Qatar.” It’s currently a popular destination for residents because of the relaxing and panoramic view from the outside seating of the cafe. Besides coffee, the cafe serves different drinks like Mango Pina Colada and sweets.

Another landmark you can look at while in the area is the oldest mosque in Qatar, Al Ruwais Mosque. The first mosque is believed to be from the 17th century and has since been renovated by Qatar Museums.

These destinations can be reached by a car.

3. Al Bayt Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium Park

Al Bayt Stadium

Tired of the parks in Doha, drive to Al Bayt Stadium Park! The park has a beautiful man-made lake, many playgrounds for childrens, a stunning landscape, lots of greenery, running and cycling tracks, and plenty of parking places. It can be easily reached by a vehicle.

What still to do in the region? Appreciate the Al Khor Stadium, obviously! It’s one of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums and its design is motivated by the bayt al sha’ar (traditional tents) of traveling peoples. Al Bayt Stadium will have the first opening match of the World Cup in 2022.

Exact time to travel from the Pearl Monument: 47 minutes


4. Beaches

The north of Qatar has a lot of beaches that are frequented by residents and citizens alike. The most famous include Fuwairit Beach and Maroona Beach for its soft and clear waters. There’s also Ghariya Beach and Al Farkiah Beach which has now designated days for women and children only. Fuwairit Beach is closed during the nesting period of hawksbill turtles (April – July) and just recently, Qatar Museums held tours so residents can watch the hatching of these amazing creatures.


5. Al Thakira Mangroves

Al Thakira

The Al Thakira mangrove forest is supposed to be the oldest and biggest of its kind in the country. Qatar is home to the sturdy Avicennia Marina types of mangroves, which can endure high salinity. The ecosystem of these mangrove forests attract not only migratory animals, crabs, and fish but also to a large group of different organisms like crabs and gastropods.

Located north of Al Khor, perhaps the most ideal approach to explore the mangroves is by kayaking during sunrise or sunset. In case you’re going using your private vehicle, best to use a 4×4.


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