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Everything about the New Salata Family Park

New Salata Family Park, Qatar

You must know that families living around New Salata Family Park are very lucky as they can visit the park anytime, and witness the beauty. Let’s check what other things are offered by the New Salata Family Park.

Trees, Gazebos & Seating areas

You can watch the sunset and sunrise both from the Salata Family park. There are 50 big & beautiful trees. There are also around 50 benches and 12 gazebos in the park.

The ‘Rolling Hill’

The rolling hill in the park is artificial. Kids love to call it rolling hill because they love to roll & play there.

Children’s Play Area

Children's Play Area

The play area is situated on both sides of the park. You can also see the mini slides, monkey bar, climbing paths, and a merry-go-round at the right of the entrance gate.

Walking & Jogging Track

Walking & Jogging Track

The new Salata Family Park also has a track for morning & evening walks. Enjoy your walks with energetic music!

Hanging Bird Water Feeder

bird water feeder

Due to the hanging water feeder, you can watch every kind of birds species in the park. The sound of chirping is always peaceful in the early morning and evening.

Drinking Faucet

Drinking Faucet

In the park, you can witness the brown hut which is a drinking station. Adults and children always go to the hut to drink after running and walking.

Not Allowed

At the front of the entrance gate, you can see the ‘reminder board’ showing what is not allowed in the park. Following things are not allowed-

  • Bicycle
  • Pets
  • Loudspeakers
  • Campfire & Barbeque
  • Ski games/ Scooters
  • Balls
  • Picking of Flowers
  • Littering


  • Time- 6 AM-11PM everyday
  • Contact- +974 44219976

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