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Check Out Things at Barzan Olympic Park, Qatar

Check Things at Barzan Olympic Park, Qatar (1)

There are plenty of beautiful parks in Qatar that you might love to visit with your family, friends, or loved ones. Barzan Olympic Park is one of them. The park is a crowd favorite and gives priority to sports. It is located opposite Al Shamal Road. We have made a list of a few must-visit things at the park. Let’s check it out!

Iconic Sculptures

A unique feature of Barzan Olympic Park allows visitors to broaden their knowledge. You can see various sculptures, opposite the park, portraying iconic milestones of the country such as the MIA building, Al Kout Fort, the Light House, The Grand Mosque, etc. 

Leaping Fountain

Fountain Barzan Olymic

The leaping fountain is one of the foremost attractions at the park. It is established near the entrance and decorated with beautiful lights.

Walking, Jogging, and Train Tracks

Walking Tracks Barzan Olympic

The park also has jogging and walking tracks. You can witness the board of ‘Sport for Life’ at various places while walking on the tracks. The park also provides a special train track for children at QR 5 per individual.

Expansive Green Lawns

Green Lawn Barzan Olympic park

Around the park, you will see neatly scythed bits of green grass. This is one of the ideal places if you want to spend some quality time.

Covered seating areas

Covered seating areas Barzan Park Doha Qatar

There are loads of covered seating areas at the park, so you don’t have to bother about dodging the sun while you’re here.

Children’s Play Area

It has a very spacious children’s play area, which includes several slides, seesaws, ladders, rock climbing stations, etc. Children will love this area.

Table Tennis, Floor Chess & Courts

As we know, this park emphasizes sports to keep people active, thus they provide the option of table tennis, football pitches, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and floor chess for visitants to enjoy. There is also a small race track for children within the park. 

Other Features

Apart from all this, the park also offers a cafeteria for snacks. It also has a mosque and sandboxes.

Not Allowed at the Park

  • Large bicycles for above 6 years old
  • Football on the grass for above 12 years old
  • Skating, pets, smoking, and barbecue
  • Company workers are not allowed inside the park
  • The large football field is not allowed for under 15 years old
  • The small football field is only for 5- 15-year-old children.


  • Entrance fee- Seniors over 60, children under 3 years, and people with disabilities are admitted free.
  • The fee for nursery, preschool, and elementary school students is QR 5.
  • Winter season rates are QR 5 from Sat to Wed and QR 10 from Thur to Fri.
  • Summer season rates are QR 5 from Sat to Wed and QR 5 from Thur to Fri.
  • Timings- 4 AM- 9 AM & 4 PM- 10 PM
  • Parking- Available
  • Nearest Metro station- Lusail Metro Station

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