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10 Beautiful parks to visit in Qatar

Parks in Qatar

Despite the Gulf’s hot climate, Qatar amazingly maintains its lush, green parks. Some of them keep the kids entertained with pretty features and grounds, others include jogging trails so that you can enjoy a great time with family and friends. But how well do you know about these beautiful parks and how many of them have you visited? Not enough, right?

To help you choose the right park for family time, we have put together a list of some of the most beautiful parks in Qatar. Keep reading to know them.

1.Aspire park

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Life Aspire

Being one of the most famous parks in Qatar, Aspire park covers an area of around 88 hectares which makes it the largest park of the Capital city Doha. The park with its rich green ground rejuvenates people of all ages. It has beautiful fountains, jogging tracks, playgrounds for children, and various other family fun features. You will also witness a lake with paddled boats at the backdrop of the magical green hills. These superb facilities attract a huge amount of visitors every weekend. 

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2.MIA Park

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MIA Park

The Museum of Islamic Art Park, or MIA Park, is one of the classic parks in Qatar. Located around the Museum of Islamic Art and the Arabian Gulf, this park offers the best setting for relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty. This park includes plying areas for small children, installed using modern equipment. You will also get the opportunity to enjoy various cultural events and music performances held at this park.

3.Hotel Park Doha

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When compared to the other parks in Doha, Hotel park is slightly off the track. This park is located at West Bay business district and encounters visitors in great numbers every evening. If you are looking forward to having a picnic, the Hotel park is the best for you! Combined with fresh air, kid-friendly playing areas, and delicious food, the design and architecture of this park will make your day.

4.Al Bidda Park

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Al Bidda Park is the first pet-friendly public park in this area which consists of barbeque stations; volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts; walking, jogging, and bicycle paths. Not only this but also has an amphitheater and underground parking for a capacity of around 6000 vehicles. Its playgrounds are furnished using commercial-grade play sets such as slides, sea-saw, playhouses, spring rider, and zip lines as well!

5.Dahl al Hamam Park

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Dahl Alhamam Garden is conveniently situated in Khalifa Northern City in the region of Dahl Alhamam at the confluence of Almarkhia Street and Arab University Street. It is one of the most renowned parks in the city, especially because of the top-notch facilities provided for children. It consists of three separate playgrounds which make this park a craze among children. Along with playing on the large playgrounds, children can also do many other things such as skateboarding. If you want to fill your empty stomach, there’s a cafe at the main entrance of the park. The best and the most attractive thing here is free Wi-Fi.

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6. Al Wakrah Park

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The Park is located nearby the Al Aurobia Street which comes near the Al Wakrah beachfront making it one of the most sought after parks in Qatar. It has beautiful ornamental plants and olive trees and is perfect for spending time with children and adults alike.

7. Al Khor Park

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Parks in Qatar (2)

Another beautiful park in Qatar is the Al Khor Park which is a perfect destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is a 240,000 sq metre park with a zoo, a waterfall, a battery operated train and a big special restaurant making it a place to rejuvenate.

8. Barzan Olympic Park

Location: Google Map

Parks in Qatar (3)

This park was inaugurated in 2012 and is one of the most complete parks in Qatar. It has all the sports facilities and equipment for children to play all games. It has a playground, a picnic spot, cycling tracks and an artificial lake and fountain. This is the perfect place for holding a picnic excursion.

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9. Oxygen Park

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Parks in Qatar (4)

This park is located near the Education City and features around 117 types of plants over the sprawling 130,000 square metres of land. It has a walkway, a running track, beautiful gardens and sports pitch along with an equestrian track as well.

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10. Al Legtaifiya Park

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Parks in Qatar (5)

The Al Legtaifiya Park is spread over 27,500 square metres and is considered the best destination to spend some time away from the heat. It has a playground for children with special needs, a football pitch, artificial turf, a basketball court, a rubber running track, lightening poles, and an outside exercise gym. This can be a perfect destination for partying.

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