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7 wonderful things about Muglina Unit Park

Mulinga Unit Park

Parks in Qatar are perfect place to spend some wonderful time with friends and family as they ae extremely beautiful. If you love visiting parks then you must go to the Muglina Unit Park. It is located right at the intersection of Al Corniche Street and Ras Abu Aboud Expressway.

This will surely a treat for you if you haven’t been at this beautiful park yet. Below we’re giving you some of the must things you should check out here.

The eye-catchy curved bridge

There’s a lovely, curved bridge at the centre of the park. This is the perfect place for children as they can play around this. It is one of the main attractions of the park that welcomes visitors.  This is also amazing spot to take pictures as you can have the great view of the entire park from up the bridge.

Walk through the arch monument

Muglina park arch monument

Next to the bridge, the pathway takes you to an arch monument. Its design is inspired by the Qatari architecture. As you continue the walk, you will reach a seating deck and find a beautiful bed of colourful flowers. This is wonderful, right?

Go inside the watchtower

muglina unit park watch tower

On the other end of the bridge, you will see a watchtower standing tall. You can reach to it from any direction through the given four entrances. If you love taking photos then its entrance form the perfect frame for some Instagram photos.

Neatly laid stone walkway

Mulinga stone walkway

There are Beautiful stone walkways around the park. It is fun to going up and down the pathways. Have some fresh breeze here while walking on these pathways.

Lush green lawn

Mulinga Lush green

The central part of the park is covered with green carpet as far as the eye can see. It is very well maintained and freshly cut grass. It is a perfect spot to sit down, play and enjoy cool evenings with your family.

The pillar monument

muglina unit park pillar

Located at right next to the arch, this pillar monument is set of 10 pillars that form an ‘L-shaped’ monument.  Take photos here from the stairs as it create the picture perfect background for your photos.

Al Khulaifi Heritage House and Bayt Sharq Restaurant

Al Khulaifi Heritage House

You will get to see the Al khulaifi Heritage House at one end of the park. It was restored by Qatar Museums.  At its onsite, there’s a Middle –Eastern restaurant called Bayt Sharq, though it hasn’t opened yet. Go and check this out!

What is not allowed at the park?

As per the signs, barbeque, pets, cycling, playing sports are not allowed at the Muglina Unit Park.

Details of the park:

  • Entrance: Free
  • Nearest metro station: National Museum Metro Station
  • Parking space: Limited

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