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Everything about Doha’s New Park (5/6 Park)

Doha's New Park 5/6

Maze Area

The park show off a large plant maze that no other parks have in Doha. It’s planned in the shape of Qatar’s map and motivated by the human fingerprint. It has an approximate total area of 6500 sqm, a total longitudinal length of 138m, and a width of 69m. It’s the prime focus of the park.

It has signage along the entrance and exits to the maze posturing the names of Qatar’s coastal cities.

The shape of the maze is not recognizable when you view it from the Observatory or the Plaza, but it looks astonishing from the sky of higher buildings. At night, the maze is light up by strategically placed lights.


Next to the maze is a 5 AM high hill that gives visitant a 360-degree view of the park and the encompassing landscape. You can see the 5/6 Arches, the Doha skyline, nearby hotels, and the Maze.

Art installations and murals

Nearby the North entrance, you can see a length of walls painted with lively murals. 20 artists, Qatari citizens, and residents volunteered to decorate the walls.

You’ll also able to see the installations of Lebanese fin artists Saloua Raouda Choucair= “Poems” (1963-65) and “Poem in Three Verses” (1963-65) next to the colorful walls.

Nearby the South entrance, Faisal Al Hajri’s Al Sumood (Symbol of Resilience) stands tall. The stainless steel installed by the Qatari conceptual associative artist was order to memorialize the blockade against Qatar. It denotes the community’s strength and resilience.

Other features:

Playground– Children’s playground located nearby the North entrance.

Jogging track & walkways– There are a 1.4 KM hiker path and a 1.4 KM jogging track, and stone & sand paths.

Bike track & Learn to Bike– There is also 20 bicycle parking, and there is an assigned area in the South entrance for those who want to learn to bike.

There is also a Theatre & Event Plaza, Prayer rooms, fitness tools, toilets, different kinds of seating, and artificial hills.

Open green areas

According to the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads & Public Places, 5/6 Park has about 122,000 sqm of open green area. The park features small shrubs as well as 1,500 trees. 10% of the trees are of Qatari genesis- Ziziphus Spina Christi, Acacia Tortilis, and Acacia Arabica.

Are pets allowed at 5/6 Park?

Yes, pets are allowed in the park. Pet owners are advised to keep their pets on a rope and make sure to clean after their pets.

5/6 Park guidelines

Park’s guidelines are clearly expressed in signage scattered throughout the park. It includes: 

  • Being mindful of noise.
  • Keeping the park clean and disposing of waste in the designated areas.
  • Preserving public properties.
  • Keeping pets on a leash and cleaning after pets.


  • Location: 5/6 Park
  • Timing: Maze visiting hours 6 AM to 7 PM
  • Nearest metro station: Al Qassar Metro Station
  • Parking space: Plenty (Al Qassar Park and Ride)

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