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Qatar Abu Nakhla Park Attractions

Abu Nakhla Park, Qatar

If you like playing sports and relaxing in a park, Abu Nakhla Park might be the place for you! It is a very large and quiet park located in the Al Shahaniya Municipality that provides recreational services for anyone who wants to enjoy its beauty and amenities.

There are three entrances to Abu Nakhla Park, and each gate has its own security office. The main gate is next to the Abu Nakhla Health Center. There are ample parking spaces around the park.

In this article, we are going to know about Abu Nakhla Park and its attraction points. Scroll down to know about the park!

Trees, plants, seasonal flowers

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The park is lined with towering trees on both sides as you enter it. Each tree is labeled with its scientific name. Throughout the park, you will see beautiful seasonal blooms that come in all sorts of colors.

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Gazebos & benches

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You need not worry about finding a place to sit, as there are many gazebos and benches to choose from in Abu Nakhla Park. Trees offer shade, so you can study and relax.

Children’s playground

A large part of the park is occupied by a colorful playground where kids can have fun. The playground includes 24 slides of different heights and designs, swings, see-saws, monkey bars, climbing paths, and more!

Football, basketball, volleyball courts

Abu Nakhla Park has a large fenced field for football, basketball, and volleyball. All visitors have access to this sports area from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. An entrance gate is located near this play area.

Well-lit walkways

Inside Abu Nakhla Park there are so many lamp posts that you will lose count. Because of this, many people choose to jog or walk in this park at night because the lamp posts not only provide light but also enhance the aesthetics of this park.


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As you enter the park from the main gate, you will see this bird feeder on your left. Several birds gather here because of the water and seeds.

Drinking water stations, toilets, bins

Water coolers are available to keep visitors hydrated. There are clean restrooms for both men and women in the park, and there are garbage bins throughout the park to keep it clean.

Skating area

Roller-skaters and skateboarders can enjoy the park’s skating area, but until further notice, this area will be closed. It is important to note that roller skates and skateboards are not permitted inside the park.

Not allowed in the park

  • Children are not allowed to enter without their parent’s supervision.
  • No men are allowed without their families.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Kids aged 5 to 12 are allowed to play football only in designated areas, with a light ball.
  • Fireworks, crackers, campfires, and barbecues are not allowed.
  • You cannot ride bicycles, roller skates, or scooters.
  • You cannot hold events, parties, or sell things without the permission of the municipality.
  • No littering, picking of flowers, or damage to plants or facilities is allowed.


  • Timing: 6am-11pm every day
  • Pets: Not allowed
  • Entrance: Free

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