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Kuwait’s 5 Best Theme Parks & Amusement Parks

Kuwait's 5 Best Theme Parks

We all know that the attractive Kuwait City is modern, smooth, and rustic-ragged in equivalent areas. The large Arab city is home to a variety of attractions from marvellous glass-and-steel construction and buildings, a beautiful seafront, a few notable museums, a variety of delicious restaurants for foodies, and a magnificent famous souq.

Although, Kuwait is also popular as a compass of theme parks & amusement parks which are a great attraction for children and adventurous individuals. We have compiled the list of same it might help you to witness the beauty of Kuwait City.

Kuwait Entertainment City

Kuwait Entertainment City

Kuwait Entertainment City is situated 26 km west of Kuwait City. It is known as the first and biggest amusement park in northern Kuwait. It provides a full package of entertainment for children with a small railway and a huge Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster. However, currently, the Entertainment City is closed for renovations and will be reopened by the end of 2021.

Kuwait Magic Park

Kuwait Magic Park

Kuwait Magic Park is situated 26 km south of Kuwait City City, near the state-of-the-art Kuwait Magic Mall. This huge and budget-friendly amusement park for children highlights a multitude of indoor and outdoor rides, with a play area for kids – and is available at about half of the rides one would ever find in Kuwait. The few popular rides are a rainbow roller coaster, pirate ship, swings train, Viking wheel, trampolines, a music express, bumper boats, and many more.

Hawally Park

Hawally Park

Hawally Park is located on Tunisia Street in the Hawally area of Kuwait city approx 7 km south of the city center. It is one of the most famous amusement parks in Kuwait. However, Hawally Park is one of the great destinations for not only spending time with your children but having fun too. The famous rides of the park are the Ferris wheel, family train, crazy dance, the family roller coaster, bumper rides, pirate ship, rainbow wheel, spinning, tomahawk, water jumping, water slides, etc. The fee of entry is free however, rides need to be paid for.

Slayil Al Jahra Park- “THE 99” Village

Slayil Al Jahra Park

The park is situated in the Al Jahra area of Kuwait 43 km west of Kuwait City. Slayil Al Jahra Park is also known as “THE 99 Village”. It has more than 20 varieties of rides for individuals and children, especially in the age group of 5-14 years old. You will be surprised by knowing that most of the rides are inspired by the 99 qualities of Allah in Islam. They are named like the 99 Tower of Power, Jabbar’s Rollin’ Adventure, 99 Rolling Gems, Journey of the Noor Stones, etc. 

Kids Village

Kuwait Kids Village

Kids Village is situated in front of Tadamon Club Stadium 14 km south of the main city center. The park is a magnificent open-air entertainment & amusement park. It is very suitable for children of all ages, they provide a variety of entertainment, rides and a playing area. It has trampolines, ball pits, and a train all over the park. It also has many alternatives for food and refreshments. 

Visit these amazing amusement parks in the City with your children and spend some quality time with your kids. 

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