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Know why your lower back pains after Intercourse (Updated)


Back pain issues are common these days. Not only old people but young people too experience back pain issues the same. There can be many reasons of back pain such as age, gender, daily activities, health issues, toxicity accumulated in the body, injury and more. There are several other reasons and causes of back pain. They are as follows:

  • Improper Conditioning
  • Inadequate use
  • Abnormal stretching of the back muscles
  • Smoking
  • Obesity (condition of the excessive amount of body fat)
  • Mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries
  • Inter-vertebral discs
  • Compression of nerve roots
  • Improper movement of the spinal joints.
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Poor posture
  • Spine twisting
  • Unfavorable sleeping position
  • Poor elasticity of muscles
  • Decrease in strength

Back pains become highly detrimental to the body when they reach the chronic level and therefore require regular checkups and measures. It can be controlled by yoga and exercise, proper lifting and proper diet.

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Back pain and Intercourse

Though backpain can be caused due to several reasons listed above, sexual intercourse becomes one of the key factors as well. Many people experience back pain after a rigorous sexual intercourse. Now more and more couples complain about back pain after performing sexual intercourse. There can be various reasons as to why back pain can occur after sexual intercourse –

  • Muscle stretching
  • Too much weight on top
  • Unfavorable sexual position
  • Overexertion
  • Or also may be due to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

But while people experience it, they start to slowly ignore the backpain. In longer run, it might start to affect the sex life. So, people avoid to have intimate moments once they start to get the backpain after the intercourse. Therefore, it is important to open up about the backpain as slowly it can ruin relationships as well.

Initially it might be difficult to open up because explain to others and the doctors can be a bitter experience but to save the relationship, one should not shy away from telling it to your partner and your doctor as well. it is the only way you can get out of your problem and excel in your relationship.

For general public, talking about sex is a taboo subject. They might not like to speak in the open as having sexual trouble is considered a taboo. While some speak up, the majority likes to keep it quiet and succumb to back pain and ultimately ruin their relationship.

Some methods to cure back pain naturally

If your back pains after a good intercourse and you feel weak and suffer, then you must get rid of the back pain as soon as possible.

If you are constantly having back pain post a good session of sexual intercourse, it might occur from a muscle strain or a ligament sprain during the act. It might lead to impacting your flexibility, movement and might be stopping you from doing other chores of the house. It can also lead to you avoiding sexual intercourse with your partner on a regular basis because you fear it might aggravate the pain and worsen the condition of your back. All these things must never be taken lightly as not only will they affect your day to day life but also your pleasure points. It might take away the just fun of a healthy sex life.

However, you can enjoy a good sex and still be able to do all your chores properly by avoiding the very reason for the back pain. There are some simple methods which can be applied to make your life smooth. Back pain cure will take some time and therefore it is necessary to have patience by your side before going on for medication. You must give it ample time and rest for effective results to come up. Taking up extra care of the back is the first stage of implanting the long care and thereby can stop your dependency on treatments and surgeries.

Here are some useful methods through which you can cure your lower back pain issues –

Taking Proper rest and maintaining gaps

If you have hurt your lower back during a sexual activity, you need to let your body heal back to its fullest before getting back to your normal chores. Many people do not take proper rest and breaks between sexual activities and therefore suffer the consequence of back pain becoming chronic. Go for complete bed rest for a short period, lets say for three days. Let your muscles relax through their immobility and do not fight out to start working again. Small movements are fine but huge chores must be avoided.

Over the counter (OTC) medicines

There are some medicines readily available to cure back pain. You can buy them from local pharmacies under guidance of local chemists. These OTC drugs might cure your pain for a short period but if the pain remains, it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible. You can take Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or naxopren to cure small time back pains.

If these methods don’t work, you should try some other methods such as physiotherapy, yoga with proper guidance under expert guidance.

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