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Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease in which the body doesn’t utilize insulin accurately. This leads to blood sugar levels rising, which is also problematic for other health problems.

If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, doctors can prescribe you one or more treatments to improve your blood sugar levels and decrease your risk of complexities. Read the complete article to know more about type 2 diabetes!

Weight loss

Most of the time people with type 2 diagnosed are overweight in that condition, doctors always suggest reducing 5-10% of the body weight which helps lower blood sugar levels.

However, studies also have proven that weight loss is also beneficial to reduce heart disease. Although in extreme cases doctors can also suggest weight-loss surgery.

Dietary changes

A doctor can also suggest you change your diet to improve your blood sugar level and weight. As we all know eating a balanced diet is very important for health. They can recommend eating-

  • nutrient-rich food
  • spacing meals throughout a day
  • not missing meals if you are on medications that can produce blood sugar to go too low
  • not eating too much

Always take suggestions from a doctor before changing your diet.

Physical exercise

A doctor can also suggest you exercise more to improve blood sugar levels and weight as well as the complexities of type 2 diabetes. However, your doctor can suggest you set various physical activities depending on your health.


There are chances that you can improve your blood sugar level by changing your lifestyle. However, many individuals with type 2 diabetes require medication to improve their blood sugar levels.

On the basis of your health, a doctor can prescribe one or more than one of the following things:

  • oral medications
  • insulin (injected/inhaled)
  • other injectable drugs (i.e.- GLP-1 receptor agonist or amylin analogue)

However, your doctor starts the treatment with oral medication and over time follows with insulin or other injectable drugs.

Blood sugar testing

The principal purpose of diabetes treatment is to maintain your blood sugar levels in the target range. Having high or low blood sugar can cause health problems.

Your doctor will require regular blood tests to monitor your blood sugar levels. The A1C test can be done to manage your average blood sugar levels. However, the doctor also recommends you check blood sugar levels daily at home.

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