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Ketosis signs and symptoms [2022]

Ketosis- signs and symptoms

The ketogenic diet is very famous and trendy these days. It is an effective way to lose weight quickly. This high-fat diet raises blood ketone levels, if followed correctly.

These are 10 common symptoms and signs of ketosis:

There will be a reduction in insulin levels and increasement in fat breakdown, when one is on ketogenic diet. Liver starts to produce high number of ketones that supply energy for your brain in ketogenic diet. But it is not easy to know whether you’re in ketosis or not.

1. Bad breath

People often start to have bad breath after they reach full ketosis. This is a very common side effect.  Many people’s breath takes fruity smell while they are on ketogenic diets and other similar This happens due to the elevated ketone levels.  While this bad is not good for your social life, it is a positive sign for your ketogenic diet.  Many people brush teeth several times, use sugar-free gum to remove bad breath. But you should check on carbs while using them as they can raise your sugar levels and reduce ketone levels.

2. Weight loss

Ketogenic diets are a great option for weight loss. Studies suggest that you may experience short and long term weight loss when opt for a ketogenic diet. After the initial period, you will lose weight consistently.

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3. Increased ketones in the blood

Reduction in blood sugar level and increasement in ketones is one of the hallmarks of a ketogenic diet.  With progression, you will start to burn fat and use ketones as the fuel sources.

There is a specialized meter to measure your blood ketone levels. It calculates the amount of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in your blood. Measuring ketones in blood is a most effective way, as per researches. But this test is expensive, that’s why people take one test per week. If you want to measure your ketones, you can find these kits at Amazon.

4. Increased ketones in the breath or urine

Breath analyser is an another way to measure blood ketone levels. It can monitor acetone. The result of  this analyser said to be accurate. Though blood monitor method is more accurate.

Measure the ketones in your urine is another technique. This can be a cheap method to test your ketone levels on daily bases. However, they are not so reliable.

5. Appetite suppression

Many people claim to decreased appetite due to ketogenic diet. Though the reason is not cleared yet. This may happen due to the high intake of protein and vegetables. Ketones may also affect the brain to reduce appetite.

6. Increased focus and energy

People often complain of tiredness, brain fog and feeling sick in initial phase. It is termed as the “low carb flu” or “keto flu”. But in long term, dieters report increased focus and energy. Ketones are high potent fuel source to brain, it results to increased clarity and improved brain function.

7. Short-term fatigue

Dieters may experience weakness and fatigue in initial phase of ketogenic diet. People often quit the diet due to this reason. This side effect is very natural. The change doesn’t happen overnight. You may take 7-30 days to adapt with the new system, so be patient.

8. Short-term decreases in performance

As mentioned above, you may experience tiredness in initial phase. This happens due to the reduction in your muscles’ glycogen stores. Dieters may feel normal after several weeks. People may burn more fat if they start exercise along with diet.

9. Digestive issues

This diet involves a change in the types of food you take. Due to this, dieters may feel digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation. These are some common side effects in the initial phase. You should eat lots of healthy low carb veggies during this diet. They contain plenty of fiber.

10. Insomnia

A lot of dieters complain about insomnia or waking up at night during their switch to ketogenic diet. Sleep is the big issue for ketogenic dieters. However, it is a very common side effect and a matter of weeks. With long term diet, people may experience better sleep than before. You just have to keep more pat

These are several symptoms and signs that can help you to check whether you are in ketosis or not. If you follow the guidelines of a ketogenic diet and be consistent, then you must be in some form of ketosis. If you want to assess your ketones level, monitor ketones level in your blood, urine or breath on regular basis.

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