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Serene & Panoramic Views of Katara Hills Park

Panoramic Views of Katara Hills Park

Do you know, in Katara Cultural Village, you can discover one of the biggest public parks in Doha? Katara’s North & South hills offer plenty of greenery paths and water features apart from its serene view. Do read the post to know more about Katar Hills and let us know your view!

Plants from around the world

Though the hill is artificial, it’s full of plants and greenery. There are various trees and plants from various regions. The name tags of the plants and trees, encourage individuals to know more about them.

Scenic views

Witness the breathtaking views of Katara Cultural Village, Katara Beach, and nearby areas. While walking on the hills you can witness landmarks of Katara Mosque, Galeries Lafayette, Pigeon Towers, Children’s Mall, Al Gannas Headquarters, etc.

North Hills Park

North Hills Katara
North Hills Katara Pic
Katara North Hills
Katara North Hills lake

South Hills Park

South Katara Hills
purple Road at Katara

Guidelines for Visiting Katara North & South Hills Park

  • Foods and drinks in the landscape areas are prohibited
  • Visitors must follow the guidelines and maintain cleanliness.

Dining Options

Bayt el Talleh 

  • Instagram: @bayt.eltalleh
  • Contact: +974 4408 1777

Kashta Katara 

  • Instagram: @@sukarpasha
  • Contact: +974 4408 2000 or +974 6685 5837

Details of Katara Hills

  • Entrance fee- FREE
  • Opening- According to the Katara call center- 24 hours

According to the sign at the park- 6 AM – 10 PM

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