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Everything about E-scooters in Qatar

electric scooters

What are e-scooters?

E-scooter is also known as electric scooters have two wheels, steering, a platform to stand on, brakes, stem, battery, lights, and a small electric motor. It’s like manual scooters without motor and periodic charging. E-scooters are also foldable which makes them a more portable option than bicycles.

E-scooters in Qatar

Nowadays, the use of e-scooters has been popular in Qatar. You might have witnessed people in West Bay gasping by on an e-scooter while heading to work.

There is also a Facebook group of users of e-scooters in Qatar. The group has 1.7K members and involved in different activities in Qatar.

E-scooters in Qatar FB Group:

Rent e-scooters

Cause of the e-scooters rental app, e-scooters can be rented any time for a short trip in Qatar, work similarly to Uber & Careem. Riders need to use a helmet and adhered to road safety and regulation.

Loop Mobility

Loop Mobility focuses to offer the first and last-mile service of a micro-mobility solution in Qatar vis its scooter-sharing facility. If you are persistent about the Corniche, you’ll see Lopp scooters scattered with the stretch of the Corniche, awaiting to be used.

You have to sign up for an account using your mail ID and a scanned copy of your QID.

Ride in three easy steps:

  • Locate- Via the Loop app, you can locate the nearest scooters available through GPS.
  • Scan- After reaching the scooter, you have to scan the QR code and pay via the app to use it.
  • Ride- Now you are ready to use a scooter. Don’t forget to use your helmet and ride to your destination.

How much to ride?

Users have three plans, they can opt from the Basic priced at QR 25, the Advanced at QR 50, and the Pro at QR 100 with QR 10 free.

It values QR 2 per unlock and QR 0.75 per minute. Loop users can pay via using their debit/credit card.

Who can use it?

Anyone who is 18 or above 18 years old and have QID.

Falcon Ride

Falcon Ride is another company focusing on providing e-scooter-sharing in Qatar, is presently on hold and will re-launch to the public very soon. According to the website, due to the Covid-19, the service of Falcon Ride is stopped by the authorities but will be back to arise greater heights soon.

It will be accessible in West Bay, Katara, Pearl Qatar, and the Lusail area. The company has recently tied-up with Swiftmile, a US company providing electric vehicle charging stations as reported in Qatar Tribune.

Where to purchase e-scooters in Qatar?

You can purchase e-scooters in Qatar at the following retailers-

  • Lulu Hypermarket- Electric scooters range from QR 1,199 to QR 1,799
  • Electromax Qatar- Xiaomi electric scooters from QR 1,199
  • For All- Premium electronic scooter retails for QR 2,499
  • Al Anees- Porodo Electric Urban Scooter 500W for QR 1,099
  • Intertec Qatar- Mi Electric scooter starts at QR 1,199


In Qatar e-scooters run on from 15km/h to 30km/h. The use of safety gear and road safety rules should be adhered to by the riders to avoid accidents.

Apart from helmets, you can also use knee pads and elbow pads while riding your scooter.

According to Loop Mobility, you cannot use e-scooters on vehicle roads. Racing & stunts are not allowed.

Loop Mobility also suggest rider to avoid any distracting activities during the ride. According to the company’s Terms & Conditions, The e-scooter user must follow the street signs, signals, rights-of-way, road markings and to avoid blocking sidewalks, elevated ramps, bus stops, or landscaped areas.

App also layout the areas in which riders can and cannot use the e-scooters.

E-scooter inside the Doha Metro

According to Doha Metro, only foldable e-scooters are allowed in the metro. You cannot use the scooter inside the metro. It should not produce any disturbance at any point.

Law & Regulation regarding e-scooters in Qatar

We have contacted the Ministry of Transport & Communications through email and Twitter account regarding the rule & regulation in Qatar concerning the use of e-scooters. We are still waiting for their reply.

Have you tried an e-scooter? Let us know in the comment!

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