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Expatriates’ residence in Qatar : Articles of Qatar Law

Expatriates' residence in Qatar : Articles of Qatar Law

In this article, we are going to discuss about the expatriates’ residence in the state of Qatar. We all see what this article say about the residency of the expatriates’. Let’s find out!

Article 9

An expatriate residing in Qatar must obtain a permit from the competent authority. The sponsor shall meet the formalities for obtaining the required residence permit and for renewing it, provided that the renewal application is made within 90 days of the expiration date of the residence permit. After completing the residence formalities or applying for renewal, the sponsor must deliver the sponsored person’s passport or travel document.

Article 10

Expats who enter the State of Qatar on a visit, for business or an equivalent purpose are released from the obligations outlined in Article 5 for a maximum of thirty days. An expat may not remain in the country after the expiration of the period mentioned in this article unless his permit is renewed or he obtains residency status.

Article 11

An expat permitted to enter or reside in the country for a specific purpose or undertaking must not deviate from that purpose and must leave the country within ninety days after that purpose or undertaking is completed, or else in the case that his residence is canceled for any reason whatsoever.

Article 12

Any legal action between a sponsor and an expatriate employee may be temporarily transferred to another employer if the Minister or his deputy is pending. If a sponsor proves to be abusive, or if the public interest requires it, the Minister or his designated deputy may approve the transfer of a resident’s residence to another employer if the sponsor can prove to be abusive. On request, an employee who is subject to Labour Law may have his residence transferred to another employer subject to the approval of the Minister or his appointed deputy and the approval of the Ministry of Labour.

Article 13

If an expatriate granted permission to reside in the country cannot remain outside the country for more than six months in a row, he or she must obtain a return permit from the competent authority on payment of the prescribed fees, before leaving or within one year of the expiration date of the permit. Ministers or their deputies may waive this period.

Article 14

An employee terminated under the provisions of the Labor Law, of the laws governing State employees, or any other law may not return to the country within four years from the date of departure. The employee may not appeal the decision before the court of jurisdiction or if such an appeal is unsuccessful.

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Article 15

No juristic or natural person may hire expatriates as employees, nor may they employ staff who are not thus sponsored. In exceptional cases, the competent authority may allow the sponsor to second its expatriate employees overseas for a maximum of six months, with the arrangement renewable. With the written approval of their sponsor, expatriates may work part-time for a different employer outside the designated working hours of their first employer. For all categories covered by the Labor Law, approval by the Ministry of Labor is required. An assignment or resale of a permit to a third party is not allowed, nor may permits be sold or transferred to a third party without consideration.

Article 16

Permits for residence are also given to the spouse of the residence holder, to unmarried daughters, and to male children up to 25 years of age who have not finished their university education.

According to the discretion of the Minister or his designee, permits may be issued to the permit holder’s parents. A ministerial resolution shall determine the requirements in respect of the granting of residence permits, subject to the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs.

Article 17

In the case of a child born in the country to an expatriate whose family has obtained a residence permit, a residence permit may be obtained within sixty days after the date of birth or entry into the country. Upon birth outside of the country, if one or both parents have valid residence permits, the child may enter the country within two years of birth.

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