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Famous tourist spot of Qatar: The Doha Corniche


The Doha Corniche is one of the most important locations in Doha. It is primarily a waterfront promenade developed around the Doha Bay and extends upto 7 kilometres in the capital city. It receives the most footfalls in the country and has always been treated as a symbol of national treasure. This place is known for celebrations of national holidays such as the Qatar National Day and the National Sports Day.

The Doha Corniche is located by the side of the Corniche Street which connects it to the emerging West Bay and the Pearl as well as the Doha International Airport. For the visitors, it is a paradise where there is sea on one side and small stretch of grassland on the other with a swing of business activities happening there. It is a popular place for the joggers, walkers, skaters, and for people who like to stand near the Corniche for its grandeur on romantic evenings. The Corniche is surrounded by huge skyscrapers and amazing hotels as well as governmental buildings, parks and lawns and the adjacent of it has the Museum of the Islamic Art and the Qatar National Theatre.

How to reach the Doha Corniche?

Doha Corniche is one of the most accessible places in Doha. It is only a 15-minute Driving distance away from the Airport arrival terminal and can be reached from anywhere in Qatar by road and rail.

There is no entry fee to anywhere in the Corniche and therefore sees huge amount of footfall at all times.

Walking around the Corniche

Sheraton Grand Doha

Walking around the Corniche can really be an amazing feeling. To the side of it, you can find The Sheraton which is an Aztec-pyramid shaped landmark on the shores of the Doha Bay. Apart from that the amazing Sheraton Park also stands around the Corniche and this is where the Promenade starts. You can find a lot of play areas for children, cafes, green lawns and relaxing spaces  where visitors can enjoy the sceneries of the place. If you moved a little bit more around the Promenade, you would see a jetty where you can watch small fishes in the clear water and a little beach for paddling. Swimming is not allowed in this area. There are several more locations around the Corniche and well up to the Palm Tree Island.

For benefit of the visitors, there is a large parking place as well.

Around the Corniche


If you are planning to travel around the  Corniche as well, you can see the Bal Hambar restaurant which is near the shoreline where you can sit and watch the waves crashing along each other on the wall and having some amazing Arabian cuisine. Then comes the Al Bidda Park which is at the next roundabout. Here you can sit down and relax for quite some time before you move ahead.

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