How much do NFL team physicians earn?

NFL team physicians

NFL or National Football League is the largest and wealthiest all-American football league. It is the most popular sports in the America. Consisting of 32 teams, this 17 week regular season takes place from September to December every year.  Practice sessions, preseason and games runs through every season and due to this so many injuries happen. This is why every NFL team has a physician to treat the players. Do you know how can one become a NFL team physician and how much they can earn?

An NFL physician makes around $78000 to $500000.Here you can find all the necessary information about NFL physicians.

Qualification of NFL team physicians

NFL team physician needs to have extended training in Orthopaedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine or Family Medicine.  The physician needs to complete multiple training, such as

· 04 years of undergraduate study

· 04 years of medical school

· 04 to 05 years of residency

· At least 01 Year of fellowship training

Many physicians have previous experience from high school and college level which works as a plus point for them.

Steps of becoming a physician

Sports do not only provide entertainment but also involves national heritage and this is why people are passionate about sports. Everyone cannot be a sportsman but one can be a part of the national league by being a physician.

Qualifications required becoming a sports team physician in the NFL:

  • Certificate and fellowship training

One must have a certificate in sports medicine and fellowship training. This training gives you the experience for your duties.

  • Volunteering at high school

Volunteering in the high school forms a network which helps to get attention from the people of professional leag

  • Partner with minor league teams

Being a physician at the minor leagues gives you the experience and exposure. They cannot give you much financial support but surely gives you reputation. Also you will get interaction with team players who can become major league players in future.

  • Make yourself expert in one sport

Learn to work specifically in one sport so that you can become an expert.

How much does NFL team physician make?

Average salary

$187000 annually is the average salary of a team athlete. Experiences, location and type of team are some factors that determine the salary of a physician. For example, the average salary of physicians in southern region is slightly lower than physicians in northern region.

As an orthopaedic doctor

Orthopaedic doctors treat problems of the bones, ligaments, joints and muscles. They treat the musculoskeletal system of the body. They generally work in a large hospital and clinics.

Salary of an orthopaedic Doctor

Their annual salary ranges from $200000 to $512500. It can be even more in NFL medical facilities. Sometimes they travel with the players, in this case they can earn more. They may earn less in the initial stage.

Final Verdict

Sports are a great way to entertain everyone and when it includes your nation it become even more interesting. People connect more to a team when it involves their nation, state and area. NFL is one of the most popular sports. Many people have dream to join NFL team as a player but due to some circumstances their dream couldn’t be fulfilled. But one can become a support for the team by being a physician.

If you love NFL and want to be a part of it then this article has given you the perfect guidance. So follow your passion and start your preparation to become a part of the NFL. 

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