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How much does it cost for living in Qatar

Cost of Living Qatar

Are you brooding about accepting an employment offer and then relocating to Qatar? While Qatar isn’t one among the highest 25 costliest places to measure within the world, it is also not one among the most cost effective countries to measure in. But what proportion does it cost to measure in Qatar in 2020?

There’s no doubt that the value of living in Qatar is often high, but if you’re wondering whether the salary and benefits you’re offered will cover your cost of living, the important answer thereto question is — it considerably depends.

It depends on exactly how and where you would like to spend some time and money, your life expectations, the district you would like to measure in, the value of the property you would like to rent, and a number of other factors.

Here’s an updated guide to the value of living in Qatar to assist you with a summary of a number of the costlier costs you’ll expect, also as a number of the more operating expenses . Below you will find information about the prices of rent, transportation, food, education, clothing, and utilities.


Your biggest expense far and away lives in Qatar would need to be the accommodation costs. While some are provided company accommodation, most expats rent in Qatar.

Depending on the situation , quality, and amenities of the flat you select , the monthly rental for studio and one-bedroom apartments starts from approximately QR 2,000 to QR 15,000.

A one-bedroom apartment of the luxurious Pearl-Qatar development starts from QR 6,000. A totally furnished one-bedroom apartment at Msheireb Downtown of Doha also starts at QR 9,500.

you’ll get a two-bedroom apartment for QR 3,200 in Al Gharafa and a totally furnished two-bedroom for QR 3,325 in Al Wakra.


For those that have their own vehicle, the petrol price per litre ranges from QR 1.20 to 1.25. For conveyance , you’ll prefer to take the bus, Doha Metro, or taxi. Bus rides start from QR 2.50 for brief trips while one Metro ride within the Standard class costs QR 2. Metrolink feeder buses are freed from charge.

Karwa smartcards are needed to ride a Karwa public bus. It costs from QR 10 (Limited – good for two journeys) to QR 30 (Classic rechargeable). The quality Doha Metro travel card costs QR 10 without travel credit.

The flag fall rate for Karwa taxis within Doha starts at QR 4 and QR 1.6 per km while outside Doha is QR 1.90 per km (also applicable to nighttime time fare). The minimum cab fare trip starts at QR 10 (including the primary 5km).

The minimum ride fare for Uber and CareemGO is at QR 8. The ultimate fare will vary counting on the space , peak hour, and traffic along the way.

Petrol                         QR 1.20 – 1.25

Karwa Bus                  starts at QR 2.50

Doha Metro                QR 2.00

Karwa Taxi                  starts at QR 10

Uber/Careem              starts at QR 8.00

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