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How to get rid of Old home appliance in Qatar

Old Appliance

In Qatar, there are different municipalities in power for accumulating solid waste like used home appliances. They either accumulate directly using their logistics or indirectly through using private waste management companies. They collect these old home appliances from a different location or directly from people’s house or companies and has adopted an

“Integrated waste hierarchy of prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and as a last option, landfill disposal.” (Ecomena)

We have contacted these waste management companies in Qatar, which can help you get rid of used home appliances in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Seashore Recycling Centre

It has a scrap processing yard in Doha’s industrial area where they process scrap. They also have a recycling scrap accumulating system in certain residential areas where they place bins for registered customers. The customers put their used appliances in the bins, and Seashore Recycling Centre collects them twice a month.

At the scrap processing yard, the used appliances go through the separation from waste items. If you have more appliances to get rid of, they will collect from your residence. The metal parts are sent to the recycling facility of Seashore Recycling Centre’s and the waste is disposed of.

They are also working on a project, so people can directly go and drop their used old appliances at the recycling centre.

To be a member of the Seashore Recycling Initiative:


  • Price: QR 25 per collection (non-members); Free (registered recycling members)
  • Location: Gate 148, Street 11, Zone: 81, New Industrial Area, Doha – Qatar
  • Tel: +974 3331 6990
  • Fax: +974 4436 124
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: @seashorerecycling
  • Instagram: @seashorerecycling

Power Waste Management & Transport Company (W.L.L.)

They also deal with e-waste management. They collect used and abandoned home appliance from wherever it needs to be picked up. Nonetheless, they do not recycle the product instead, they deliver it to various scrap dealers who recycle the appliances.


  • Price: QR 450 per trip
  • Location: Barwa Commercial Avenue, Block no. between 53 & 54 Doha – Qatar
  • Tel: +974 4448 2678 / +974 4451 5453
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Al Haya Waste Management

They collect and discard electronic waste. Al Haya is a part of ‘Al Haya Enviro’ a recognized & certified company by MME for the safe disposal of industrial and office waste.

The waste management team of Al Haya will co-ordinate with you to collect your used home appliance. They will conduct a van and a weighing machine. The weight of used appliances will be weighed and recorded in a water manifest, and they will handover you an invoice. After settling an invoice they will provide you all the important documents and certificates to prove you have met the standards of waste disposal. Appliances will be taken by the team and they will discard them according to guidelines generated by the MME.


  • Price: Free for individuals; QR 4 – QR 5 per kilogram for companies
  • Location: Al Khaleej Street Doha – Qatar
  • Tel: +974 4443 7496
  • Fax: +974 44319312
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: @alhayaenviro
  • Twitter: @AlHayaEnviro

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