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How to Request for Pest Control with the Ministry of Municipality?

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Pests like insects, termites, rodents, bedbugs, etc. Can come from any place and whenever. They can cause different health issues including allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory diseases, and even mental health issues. Whenever left unattended, it may get overpowering for the landlord, owner or tenant to control the spread.

Are nasty insects and rodents bothering you? Did you realize you can request for insect and rodent control with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) both online and offline? Read more to see how you can apply for a request and manage the pest issue rapidly and effectively at a nominal fee!

Who can submit a request?

The pest control request can be submitted by all residents, citizens, government and semi-government entities, in addition to commercial entities excluding food shops. This should be possible to control the various types of insects and rodents that cause a great deal of health conditions and damage.

What are the fees for this service?

  • For houses of residents and citizens, it is FREE of charge.
  • For factories, workshops, shops, residential compounds, chalets and farms:

        – Inside the city: QR 200

        – Within 5 KM from the city: QR 300

        – Outside the city: QR 500

       – In farm compounds: QR 50

What are the online instructions?

  • Fill in the information on the form.
  • Next, enter the information: name, mobile number, QID number.
  • Next, fill in the “My Address” information.
  • Next, click on “Start Workflow”.
  • Submit a letter to have the service completed.
  • Pay the fees, if appropriate.

What are the offline instructions?

  • First step is to visit the Customer Service Office in your nearest municipality.
  • Next, give all the above mentioned information to complete the service.
  • Pay appropriate fees.

What happens after the request is submitted?

  • Once the request is submitted, it is sent to the concerned office.
  • The person profiting the service will get a call from the Ministry the next day, confirming the request.
  • The appointment is also scheduled for the service and it is completed within the stipulated time.

Extra Information:

  • This service is available just to residents and non-single citizens.
  • It isn’t advisable to spray pesticides except after 30 days of the last submitted request.
  • This service can also be obtained via the Oun mobile application or by contacting the Call Center on 184.
  • The MME explains on its website the process plan of the service in detail and as a form of a work plan.
  • This service requires 2-3 days to be completed.
  • You can see the service information on MME website.

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